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Academic Departments and Programs

Choose your program. Obtain your goals.

Department of Art and Design
B.A. programs and minors in Art History and Visual Arts. B.F.A. programs and minors in Art Education, Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Photography. Interdisciplinary minors in Arts Administration and Integrated Arts & Technology.

Department of Biology
B.S. programs in Biology and Environmental Biology. Minor in Biology. M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Biology. Five-year Bachelor plus Masters program in Biology.

Department of Chemistry
B.A. and B.S. programs, and minor in Chemistry. B.S. programs in Biochemistry and Medicinal Pharmaceutical Chemistry. M.S. program in Chemistry.

Department of Communication
B.A. program in Communication with the following concentrations: Communication Management, Communication Studies, Media Production, Journalism and Public Relations. Minors in Communication and Political Journalism. M.A. programs in Communication and Interdisciplinary Communication.

Department of Computer Science
B.S. programs and minors in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science. M.C.S. program in Computer Science.

Core Program
Interdisciplinary undergraduate program integrating with any major.

Criminal Justice Studies Program
B.A. program in Criminal Justice Studies with concentrations in Business Intelligence, Criminal Justice Studies, Cyber-Security Management and Pre-Law.

Economics Program
B.A. and minor in Economics.

Department of English
B.A. and minor in English. M.A. in English. TESOL certificate program.

Department of Geology
B.S. programs in Geology and Environmental Geology. Minor in Geology and interdisciplinary minor in Sustainability, Energy and the Environment. Graduate certificate program in Geographic Information Systems.

Department of Global Languages and Cultures
B.A. programs in Languages, French, German and Spanish. Minors in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Department of History
B.A. program and minor in History.

Human Rights Studies Program
B.A. program and minor in Human Rights Studies.

International Studies Program
B.A. program and minor in International Studies. B.A. concentrations: Global Health and Environment; Global Migration and Economic Development; International Business; International Education; International Journalism and New Media; Peace and Global Security.

Department of Mathematics
B.A. and B.S. programs in Mathematics. Bachelor of Applied Mathematical Economics. Minors in Actuarial Science and Mathematics. M.S. program in Applied Mathematics, M.F.M. program in Financial Mathematics and M.M.E. program in Mathematics Education. Certificate programs in Computational Finance, Financial Risk Management and Statistical Finance.

Department of Military Science (ROTC)
Minor in Military Science.

Department of Music
B.A. program in Music. B.M. programs in Music Composition, Music Education, Music Performance and Music Therapy. Minors in Music and Music Technology. Interdisciplinary minor in Arts Administration. M.S.E. program in Music Education. Certificate program in Church Music.

Department of Philosophy
B.A. program and minor in Philosophy.

Department of Physics
B.S. programs in Physical Sciences, Physics and Physics-Computer Science. Minor in Physics. Collaboration with the School of Engineering for the M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Electro-Optics.

Department of Political Science
B.A. programs and minors in Human Rights and Political Science. Masters program in Public Administration.

Prelaw Program
Minor in Prelaw.

Premedical Programs
B.S. programs in Predentistry and Premedicine. Minor in Medical Humanities.

Department of Psychology
B.A. and B.S. programs in Psychology. Minor in Psychology. M.A. programs in Clinical Psychology and General Psychology.

Department of Religious Studies
B.A. program and minor in Religious Studies. M.A. programs in Pastoral Ministry and Theological Studies. Ph.D. program in Theology.

Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
B.A. programs in Criminal Justice Studies (options A & B) and Sociology. Minors in Anthropology, Criminal Justice Studies, Social Work and Sociology.

Sustainability Studies Program
Undergraduate minor in Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment (SEE). Graduate Certificate in Sustainability (SUS).

Theatre, Dance and Performance Technology Program
B.A. programs in Theatre and Theatre-Communication (offered through the Department of Communication). Minor in Theatre.

Women's and Gender Studies
B.A. program and minor in Women's and Gender Studies.