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Welcome to the University of Dayton's Policy Home Page

The University Policy Coordinating Committee (UPCC) is undertaking a comprehensive review of all stand-alone policies. The UPCC was formed in 2010 and last undertook a comprehensive review beginning in 2012.  The UPCC will be providing periodic updates as departments' policies are updated. 
Currently, a comprehensive review of the following unit’s policies have been completed:

University Policies 

The University of Dayton's policies reflect our philosophies, values and mission and provide guidance for decision-making and enforcement.

This site serves as a repository for policies that impact our community on a University-wide level. Access to certain policies that pertain only to the internal University community will require an LDAP username and password. However, policies that apply to the broader Dayton community and serve to inform the general public will be freely accessible through this site. All content on this Policy website is managed by the Office of Legal Affairs (including revisions to existing policies). To request a .pdf of a policy please contact Legal Affairs at

The University reserves the right to amend or revoke its policies at any time. These policies are not binding contracts on the University, nor does the University intend to be contractually bound by them, except to the extent required under applicable law.  

In the case of a conflict between a University policy and any other University document describing University practices (such as handbooks, guidelines, processes, procedures, or protocols), the University policy shall control.  Nothing contained in any of the University's policies is intended to prohibit or discourage employee conduct that is protected under the law, and employees should not construe any policies in such a manner.

General questions regarding the University's policies can be directed to the University Policy Coordinating Committee via the Contact tab. Questions about department specific policies may be directed to the listed department contact person.   

University Policy Coordinating Committee

Appointed by the President in May 2010, the University Policy Coordinating Committee (UPCC) serves as an advisory group to the President and the President's Council on all matters related to policies.

In addition to reviewing all existing University policies, the UPCC develops policies required by law, administers a formal process for proposing and approving policies, assists in communicating and enforcing policies, and ensures policies are consistent with the mission of the University of Dayton and its Catholic, Marianist values.

Membership of the UPCC includes a representative from each Vice Presidential area and the Academic Senate. Responsibility for compliance with policies resides with individual Deans and Vice Presidents and their designees.

Current UPCC membership:

Katherine Cleaver
Assistant Vice President for Compliance, Environmental Health & Safety

Marisa Darby
Assistant Vice President for Student Academic Records and Strategic Pathways

Virginia Dowse
Assistant Vice President and Controller

Bill Fischer
Vice President for Student Development

Emily Holterman
Senior Director, Advancement Services

Erin O'Mara Kunz
Academic Senate President

Kim Lally
Executive Director, University Marketing

Allison Leigh
Director, Marianist Strategies

Tony Linz
Compensation Manager

Robin Oldfield
Associate Vice President, Audit, Risk & Compliance/Chief Risk Officer

Angie Petrovic
Sr. Assoc Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator (SWA)

Carolyn Roecker Phelps
Associate Provost for Faculty and Administrative Affairs

Russell Potyrala
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management

Candise Powell (UPCC Co-Chair)
Associate General Counsel

Lisa Sandner (UPCC Co-Chair)
Deputy General Counsel

Gurvinder Rekhi
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Beth Stuart
Executive Director Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management

Kelli Tittle
Research Compliance & Export Control Administrator

Troy Washington
Vice President for Human Resources

Mathew Willenbrink
Director for Technology and Entrepreneurial Partnerships Office