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A broad interdisciplinary undergraduate degree

A solid music curriculum combined with an arts and sciences education provides students the ability and flexibility to pursue their interests and prepare for their career.

  • Flexibility

    students can obtain a double major or one or more minors

  • 16

    large vocal and instrumental ensembles for your participation

  • 100%

    of students complete a language requirement

High-Quality Education

  • Ensembles and Performance Opportunities
  • Student Research
  • Church Music Institute
  • A variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles give students the opportunity to perform regularly on and off campus.

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    For his honors thesis, Caleb Vanden Eynden '20 interviewed some of Dayton’s legendary funk musicians and explored how to bring their music to his classroom.

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    Whether you are an undergraduate student or someone who desires a deeper knowledge in the specialized profession of church music, you can gain supplemental training and guidance by completing the institute’s 12 credit hour curriculum. Subjects include music fundamentals, worship planning, leadership and music resources, as well as liturgical, scriptural and theological understanding.


    Visit Campus

    Interested in learning more about music? We'd love to meet with you. Schedule an academic appointment by calling our department at 937-229-3936. You can also choose to schedule a general campus tour and admission presentation.

    Featured Programs and Initiatives

    Music Technology Minor

    Study music theory and music history, and take a variety of music technology and elective courses to earn your music technology minor. Courses include transcription and digital recording media, as well as independent study opportunities for individual project development.

    Auditions and Scholarships

    Students who wish to be admitted into a Bachelor of Arts Music degree program may complete an audition if they choose. Scholarship opportunities are available and awarded to students who participate in audition day.

    Experiential Learning

    Real-World Experience

    Through practical learning opportunities like internships and co-ops, you can build your resume, gain practical experience and prepare for a successful career.


    Department of Music

    Fitz Hall, Room 475
    300 College Park
    Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2946


    average class size of general music courses