The Social Practice of Human Rights

Our biannual conference, the Social Practice of Human Rights (SPHR) provides a unique space for scholars and practitioners to engage in collaboration, dialogue and critical analysis of human rights advocacy and practice, locally and globally. SPHR conversations forge alliances and help set agendas for research, advocacy and action.

The Center teamed up with OpenGlobalRights to feature conference articles and content and grow conversations. 

  • SPHR 2017
  • SPHR 2015
  • SPHR 2013
  • SPHR 2017

    SPHR 2017 explored challenges to advocacy posed by racism, xenophobia, other forms of extremism, and what Pope Francis has termed “the globalization of indifference.”

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    SPHR 2015

    From research panels and roundtables to keynote addresses and plenaries, SPHR 2015 focused on the Sustainable Development Goals.

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    SPHR 2013

    SPHR 2013 presenters engaged in constructive critique of the human rights movement to strengthen the human rights movement’s capacity to confront emerging threats to human dignity and rights.

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