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Social Practice of Human Rights

Our biennial conference, the Social Practice of Human Rights (SPHR) provides a unique space for scholars and practitioners to engage in collaboration, dialogue and critical analysis of human rights advocacy and practice, locally and globally. SPHR conversations forge alliances and help set agendas for research, advocacy and action.

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Capture important research trends across disciplines

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Enable critical reflection on research on and for advocacy

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Bridge the divide between scholars and practitioners

Between Peril & Potential

SPHR 2021

#SPHR 2021 convened December 2-4, 2021 to address the challenges and opportunities the pandemic has created for human rights advocacy. We considered whether current human rights methods, strategies, and approaches are comprehensive, deep, and bold enough to meet this moment and what is needed to leverage this moment for improved human rights outcomes. And we grappled with how we, as a human rights community, can address the new perils and potentials of this time.


What is the Social Practice of Human Rights?

SPHR bridges the conventional scholar-practitioner divide by focusing on the space in between. This volume brings together cutting-edge chapters that together set a new agenda for research, grounded in the practice of critical self-reflection on the strategies that drive communities dedicated to the advocacy and implementation of human rights.

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