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Graduate Certificate in Sustainability

The Sustainability Program is a multidisciplinary effort to encourage students to explore complex societal sustainability issues that do not fit easily into one traditional academic discipline. The genesis of this program lies in the realization that a scientific and technical knowledge of environmental, ecological, and energy system challenges will not be sufficient to develop viable answers. Many disciplines at the University make contributions to these issues, ranging from ethical, spiritual and artistic, to economic, political and sociological approaches. Sustainability related jobs are rapidly increasing in every field. With only a handful of sustainability graduate programs currently available, the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability could differentiate you from other job applicants.

University of Dayton’s Graduate Certificate in Sustainability is flexible, easy to enroll in and most graduate students might be able to complete it without having to take additional credits than what is necessary to complete their masters or doctoral program. The certificate requires completion of 12 graduate credits that include six core credits (two core courses) and six elective credits. The two core courses are SSP 500: Foundations in Sustainability and SSP 580: Applied Sustainability. For the list of elective courses refer the graduate catalog. A student can start the certificate in the Spring semester (by taking SSP 580) or in the Fall semester (by taking SSP 500). For more information, contact the Certificate Program Coordinator Dr. Felix Fernando.


Sustainability Program

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