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Igniting Our Pursuits

From advocating for human rights to sending aircraft higher and farther, UD is where the future takes form.

Whether we're creating a computer chip that can teach itself or conducting research that supports NASA's Perseverance rover, we work in the space between inspiration and impact — and bring great ideas to life.

Here, it's about more than innovation for the sake of discovery. It's about developing solutions to help others. By bringing together graduate and undergraduate students with our renowned faculty and researchers, we continue to pave the way to a better world.

Research Rankings

No. 1

in the nation for materials R&D

No. 1

Catholic university for engineering R&D

$195 million

in annual sponsored research last year


Our Momentum Moves the World

At UD, our solutions have a real impact on society.

Research and Collaboration

UD Research Institute

At this moment, UDRI is engaged in hundreds of complex experiments, tests, prototypes and more. But our goal is simple: to turn our research expertise into solutions for tomorrow's problems.

Office for Research

The Office for Research brings together faculty with the staff of UDRI in pursuit of world-changing research and development, while expanding entrepreneurship on campus.


Whether on the local or international level, our partnerships further innovation, spur economic growth and extend our ability to help people everywhere.

Centers and Institutes

More than 40 centers and institutes work to cross disciplines, improve communities and change the world.

Research Stories

  • Quickly Detecting COVID-19
  • Power of Song
  • A New State of Light
  • Quickly Detecting COVID-19

    In a matter of hours, University of Dayton Research Institute scientist Barath Narayanan tailored existing medical diagnostics software to quickly diagnose COVID-19. The technology has been exclusively licensed by UD alumnus Srikanth Kodeboyina.

    Read More About the COVID-19 Research

    Power of Song

    Spirituals were created out of the experience of enslaved people in the U.S. Dr. Donna Cox, professor of music, explains that they weren't songs of anger – but of an abiding belief in the victory of good over evil.

    Read More About Dr. Cox's Research

    An Illuminating Discovery

    After two years of research University of Dayton researchers Andy Chong and Qiwen Zhan became the first to create a new “state of light” — showing it also can rotate around a transverse axis perpendicular to the direction light travels, like a cyclone.

    Read More About Chong and Zhan's Research

    NSF Research Rankings

    No. 1

    in Ohio for federally sponsored engineering R&D

    No. 1

    in Ohio for industrial and manufacturing R&D

    No. 1

    Catholic university for physical STEM R&D

    No. 3

    Catholic university for R&D in all categories

    No. 5

    in the nation for industrial and manufacturing R&D

    No. 8

    in the nation for federally sponsored engineering R&D