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In demand.

Germany is the largest country in the European Union, with the most powerful economy. Our graduates experience a viable job market for U.S. employers seeking fluent German-speaking employees.


most majors spend time studying abroad

Double Major

students of all disciplines can obtain a German major with an additional 25 semester hours


students can obtain a teaching licensure in conjunction with the School of Education and Health Sciences

High-Quality Education

  • Small Classes and Personal Attention
  • Independent Study Options
  • Study Abroad in Berlin
  • Students engage with one another in an active learning environment while being closely mentored by German faculty.

    Students who wish to study in Germany receive active help in being placed at German universities, even for graduate school, which is free of cost in Germany.

    By living with a host family, students experience Germany's culture and history.

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    Featured Programs and Initiatives

    Study Abroad Opportunities

    Language faculty provide students the opportunity to attend a month-long study abroad program during the summer and take two language courses, earning six credits. Students are immersed in the culture, enjoy excursions to area sites and further develop their language skills.

    Career Possibilities

    Proficiency in a foreign language is a valuable skill in today's global community. Demands for a second language are growing in the workforce.


    Department of Global Languages and Cultures

    Humanities, Room 352
    300 College Park
    Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1539


    average class size of upper level German courses