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Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

Philosophy – the pursuit of wisdom – deals systematically with values and concepts central to our lives as individuals and social beings. Philosophy explores the rational bases of other areas of inquiry such as science, social science, politics, and religion. Philosophy facilitates the development of valuable, advanced skills in constructing and analyzing arguments, reading and writing critically and with precision, and approaching problems imaginatively and reflectively.

In the News
Humanities and Social Sciences 12.03.19
Humanities majors find community at Heritage

The humanities are percolating marked interest at Heritage Coffee House as the weekly, go-to, caffeinated hot spot on campus.

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Fine and Performing Arts 10.15.19
First-Year Arts Immersion links humanities courses to Dayton Philharmonic concert

The First-Year Arts Immersion is a distinctive part of the University of Dayton experience, linking humanities coursework to an off-campus ballet, opera or symphonic concert in partnership with the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance.

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Department of Philosophy

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