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International Studies

Knowledge beyond geography.

The International Studies Program provides a flexible, interdisciplinary educational foundation and a global perspective that prepares students for a wide variety of careers. Our graduates work throughout the United States and around the world in government, humanitarian and human rights organizations, business, education and law.

  • 100%

    of students either study abroad or complete an international internship

  • 100%

    of students graduate with proficiency in a foreign language

  • 100%

    of students graduate with hands-on research experience

A High-Quality Education

Six Concentrations to Design Your Individual Career Path Hands-on Learning Study Abroad and Internships

Our six International Studies concentrations provide an opportunity to explore relevant complex issues affecting everyone across the globe today.

All international studies majors complete a capstone experience before graduating giving them hands-on learning experience. A significant opportunity for students is contributing research to a high-level U.N. report.

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International studies graduates leave UD with real-world experience through our required experiential learning component.

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Find the Concentration for You

Environmental issues such as climate change, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity are inherently global. International studies majors in the global environmental sustainability concentration are able to combine studies in history, economics and politics with science courses to devise solutions to challenges in the relationships between humans and our planet.

Students interested in the social justice implications of globalization will find that the global migration and economic development concentration offers them opportunities to analyze shifts in legal migration, unauthorized immigration and forced population movement as well as policies and strategies for improving peoples' health, education and standard of living, especially in the Global South.

Courses in the international business concentration give students opportunities to acquire skills enabling them to become internationally literate leaders in the private sector, business savvy leaders of NGOs, or innovative social entrepreneurs.

Educators with the skills necessary to navigate multicultural environments have opportunities to train business managers facing overseas assignments as well as to advise international students at U.S. colleges and universities and to prepare undergraduates for international study. Students in this concentration who complete an additional one credit practicum will also earn UD’s TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate, offering an advantage to those seeking positions teaching English in schools abroad.

Please note: This certificate alone does not qualify an individual for a teaching license from the State of Ohio Department of Education.

In an age where media platforms become ever more global, students interested in international affairs can combine training in reporting and writing, plus audio and video production, with a solid grounding in history, politics and language to build the portfolios that will enhance their opportunities to cover worldwide politics, economics and culture.

This concentration's curriculum addresses the political, institutional and ethical questions related to maintaining U.S. national security, including courses on political violence, and national and global terrorism. At the same time, majors are able to study the causes of conflict and to promote a sustainable international peace.

International Studies requirement

As stated in the University Bulletin, all International Studies majors must include an international and/or cross-cultural experiential component in their program prior to graduation. This requirement can be satisfied through participation in an international study abroad program, internship, or immersion. It can also be satisfied by taking part in a service or work internship with an international organization located within the United States. The experience must be a minimum of four weeks. 

You must submit to the Director of the International Studies Program a proposal outlining how you will satisfy the experiential component. All students are encouraged to develop their proposals in consultation with their advisors and to submit innovative proposals tailored to their educational objectives consistent with the College of Arts and Sciences International Education Guidelines. All students who wish to fulfill this requirement by going abroad must also consult with the Coordinator of International Educational Programs, Heather Schieman, and are encouraged to utilize the resource materials of the Center for International Programs' Education Abroad Program, located in Alumni Hall, Room 213.

Your proposal must describe the goals you plan to fulfill through your experience and provide information on the means by which those goals will be achieved. Proposals should also incorporate answers to all questions on the experiential proposal form.

Proposals should be submitted to the International Studies Director as early as possible in the semester preceding the proposed experiential and no later than March 1st for the Summer and Fall terms or November 1st for the Spring term. Remember, a proposal must be submitted for all study abroad experiences.

Proposal form


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Interested in learning more about international studies? We'd love to meet with you. Schedule an academic appointment by calling our department at 937-229-2765. You can also choose to schedule a general campus tour and admission presentation.

Featured Programs and Initiatives

Human Rights Center

The Human Rights Center creates a positive change through research, education and dialogue. International studies majors gain the opportunity to work at the heart of a global human rights community.

Center for International Programs

Connect with programs, events and resources to continue your international journey whether it’s here at UD, in your local community or across the world

Center for Social Concern

The Center for Social Concern provides opportunities for hands-on experience addressing social justice issues, including reflective service, service-learning and education and advocacy for justice, challenging students to become people of service.

International and Intercultural Leadership Certificate

As a University for the common good, placing critical societal issues is at the heart of our institutional vision. This certificate provides an academic track within multiple disciplines, highlighting the value and necessity of working across cultures.

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Experiential Learning

Real-World Experience

Through practical learning opportunities like internships and co-ops, you can build your resume, gain practical experience and prepare for a successful career.


International Studies Program

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