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Political Science

Countless Opportunities

American politics, public law, public administration, international relations and public policy are just a few of the careers you can purse with a degree in Political Science. Our students learn to combine critical analysis skills from the classroom with real-world experiences. Students have a wealth of support for internships and other career exploration opportunities sponsored by the department.

5 Years

you can earn a bachelor's + master's


majors that complete an internship for academic credit


the average starting salary of our graduates

A High-Quality Education

  • Healthcare Administration Concentration
  • Bachelor's Plus Master's Program
  • Dayton 2DC
  • Bachelor of Arts in political science and communication with a concentration in healthcare administration focuses on community health, policy and communication.

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    Earn a Bachelor of Arts in political science and master of public administration in just five years. The undergraduate degree is earned in the first four years, with the master's degree being earned in the fifth year. BPM students are charged at the regular undergraduate tuition rate for their first four years, and are offered the discounted graduate tuition rate for the 24 semester hours of graduate coursework. Paid research opportunities are available during the completion of the MPA.

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    An annual opportunity for University of Dayton students to engage with professionals and gain practical advice about starting and navigating a career in D.C.

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    Featured Programs and Initiatives

    Malawi Research Practicum

    This transdisciplinary research and applied participatory project is offered in partnership with the Human Rights Studies program, the Human Rights Center and the NGO Determined to Develop.

    Statehouse Civic Scholars

    An eight-week, summer residential internship opportunity in highly desirable offices in state government located in Columbus, OH.

    Nonprofit and Community Leadership Graduate Certificate

    A graduate certificate designed for students considering careers in the nonprofit community sector.

    Internship possibilities

    Internships provide students with unique opportunities to apply what they learn and experience on campus into "real world" settings. There are four different internships available to our undergraduate students.


    Department of Political Science

    St. Joseph Hall, Room 227
    300 College Park
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    the average class size for political science courses