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The Sustainability Studies Program at the University of Dayton provides our students an understanding and appreciation of the interdisciplinary aspects of sustainability, energy, and the environment. Our goal is to equip students with the tools to implement sustainability in their careers.

An interdisciplinary minor with major impact.


About Us

Learn more about the Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment (SEE) minor and the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability at the University of Dayton.



The Sustainability Studies Program is an interdisciplinary curriculum that encourages students to explore complex societal, environmental, and economic issues.


Opportunities and Activities

Want to learn more about what students in the Sustainability Studies Program do? SSP offers a multitude of opportunities for growth and engagement in activities beyond the classroom.


Research and Scholarship

Interested in sustainability research at the University of Dayton? We have students and faculty engaged in cutting-edge projects across disciplines.


What Our Graduates Are Doing

Learn about graduates from the Sustainability Studies Program and how they are making an impact.


Meet Us

Hear from our current sustainability students and their experience with sustainability education.


Contact Us

Interested in the Sustainability Studies Program? Make an appointment with the Program Director or a Student Leader.

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