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International Marian Research Institute

Building upon the foundation laid by Lumen Gentium, Chapter 8, Paragraph 54 for ongoing understanding of Mary, The International Marian Research Institute (IMRI) will be committed to pluralistic, diverse, multivalent and polyphonic perspectives on Mary. In the spirit of Catholic Intellectual Tradition, IMRI will keep a hopeful commitment to intellectual integration among disciplines, combined with an appreciation for the integrity and autonomy of individual academic disciplines; will resist reductionism; and will maintain a disposition to see things in terms of “both/ and.”The research conducted through IMRI will thoroughly engage the diversity of the collections of the Marian Library.

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Moving forward

IMRI's main goal is to honor the University’s and the Marianists’ commitment to advancing Marian studies.


The Marian Fellowships, made possible by a generous gift from the Marianist Province of the United States and additional support from the Marian Library and the International Marian Research Institute, illustrate the continued partnership between the Marian Library and IMRI to promote scholarship in Marian theology and related topics.

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Marian Forum

Sponsored by the International Marian Research Institute (IMRI), the Marian Forum is an academically minded online gathering focused on the Blessed Virgin Mary, incorporating liturgy and creative campus participation.

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In the news
Students and Campus Life 02.19.24

UD senior biology major Rihanna Domingos’ research project explores the long term impact of harmful chemicals.

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News 04.28.23

The International Marian Research Institute rejoices over the installation of IMRI graduate and former faculty member Frank Leo as the archbishop of Toronto, the largest diocese in Canada.

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Libraries 03.10.23

Announcing Marian Library Fellowship awardees Hsuan Tsen and Jack Mulder.

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