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Life at Dayton

It's Something You Feel

Many students list our campus and community among the top reasons for choosing UD. They say it's something you can feel during your first visit.

Maybe it's the community of students living on campus — 80% live in residence halls, apartments or our unique student neighborhood — or the bond felt when cheering for one of our Division I athletic teams. It could be the amazing arts and culture events, 250+ student organizations or campus recreation opportunities.

We invite you to visit campus in Dayton, Ohio, and find out what "it" is that makes UD special to you.

Fast Facts


student organizations to get you involved.


of students live on campus in residence halls, apartments or our unique student neighborhood.

Student Life

There are a lot of great things we can tell you about life at Dayton, but what's better than hearing directly from our current students? Check out these student testimonials, and visit UD on CampusReel to view more.

The Vibe at UD

Best Friends Inclusive Community Family Spirit


"University of Dayton has probably one of the best student cultures I've ever seen."

Explore Housing and Dining


"The vibe here on campus at the University of Dayton is amazing. We try to make sure we connect to every possible cultural background so that nobody is left out."

Explore Diversity at UD


"I just have never found more driven and caring and down to earth and genuine people that I have here at UD."

Explore Clubs and Organizations
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Student Involvement

Make the Most of the Experience

Find friends and serve others in one of the 250+ student clubs and organizations at your disposal.

${ Students at Levitt Pavilion in downtown Dayton }

Dayton, Ohio

The Gem City

A mid-sized city in southwestern Ohio, Dayton teems with imagination, innovation and world-class arts and culture.

Supportive Community

At UD, our faculty, staff and community are eager to help you along your path.