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Intensive English Program

Welcome to the Intensive English Program!

We are a diverse community committed, in the Marianist tradition, to educating the whole person, and linking learning and scholarship with leadership and service.

Our Mission

Guided by our Marianist values, the University of Dayton Intensive English Program prepares English language learners for success in their academic and/or professional careers by:


  1. Providing English language instruction rooted in best practices and delivered by a diverse team of TESOL professionals.
  2. Guiding students toward autonomy as they learn, explore, and practice the skills and habits necessary for success in U.S. universities and the global community.
  3. Linking learning and scholarship to leadership and service.
  4. Partnering with the broader University to create and facilitate opportunities for intercultural exchange, experiential learning, and academic preparedness.
  5. Welcoming a diverse community of learners.

In support of our Mission to serve a diverse community of learners, our Program offers the following:

Program Features

  • 7-week terms optimized to increase language proficiency and prepare students for academic success
  • Student centered and Student Learning Outcome (SLO) driven courses that address a complete range of language skills including reading and vocabulary development, writing and grammar, oral communication, and special topics.
  • Curricular and co-curricular programming that partners with University academic departments and programs, as well as the local community, to create and facilitate opportunities for intercultural exchange and personal development.
  • IEP Tutoring Place: provides free personalized tutoring and language skills workshops, delivered by highly skilled and qualified professional instructors, for all IEP students both in person in the tutoring lab and virtually online.

The University of Dayton Intensive English Program is designed to benefit both degree-seeking students and those who wish to have an English language and American culture immersion experience. Students who plan to continue at the University of Dayton to matriculate at the undergraduate or graduate level should apply for admission to the undergraduate or graduate program in which they are interested. After successfully completing the IEP, conditionally admitted students will be fully admitted to the University, with no further need for language proficiency test scores (e.g.,TOEFL, IELTS, etc.). Students who plan to only enroll in the Intensive English Program for language and cultural immersion, and do not plan to pursue an academic program, should apply for direct admission to the Intensive English Program.

Here’s how to apply: Intensive English Program Admission

The Intensive English Program offers five 7-week terms of study per academic year. Full-time students receive 21 hours of instruction per week.

Fall A: August–October

Fall B: October–December

Spring A: January–March

Spring B: March–May

Summer: contact for information on summer
availability or May – June (only for students currently enrolled in levels 6 and 7)

The following information does not include additional living expenses.

2024-2025 Academic Year (August 2024 - June 2025)
  • Tuition (full-time): $3,465 per seven week term, 21 credit hours/$2,970 per seven week term, 18 credit hours*
  • Tuition (part-time): $165 per credit/billing hour in a seven week term*

*Prices subject to change.

**IEP courses do not count as credit toward your academic program.

  • HEALTH INSURANCE - the cost of your health insurance varies by insurance company. All F-1 visa students must have health insurance coverage. If you do not have one from your home country, you must purchase it prior to your arrival to the U.S. Please view our health insurance information for more details.
  • UNIVERSITY HOUSING - Off-campus housing varies by apartment complex. The University of Dayton also offers many types of on-campus housing to meet students' personal, cultural and religious needs. If you will be a first- or second-year undergraduate or conditionally admitted student under the age of 21, you are required to live on campus. All other students are encouraged to live on campus, when housing is available. For IEP students, living on campus can be a great idea for two reasons: you can easily arrive to classes on time, and life on campus provides you with opportunities to practice English every day! Click here to learn more about how to request on-campus housing.
  • MEAL PLAN - the cost of meal plans varies depending on the particular meal plan selected. The most commonly purchased University meal plan costs $2,720 per semester. Each semester lasts approximately 16 weeks. Some University housing requires students to purchase a meal plan. Click here to view the different meal plans offered to UD students.
  • TEXTBOOKS- the costs of textbooks purchased by students will vary, but your estimated total will likely be around $225 per seven week term.

Students and their sponsors can make payments for the program through the University of Dayton Flyer Student Services' office. Once a University account has been created for you, you may pay online. Additional payment methods are available.

Payments MUST be made during the first week of classes. Students may pay their tuition and fees at the Flyer Student Services' office, located in St. Mary's Hall or online.


Intensive English Program

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