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Computer Science

Graduate Certificate in Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems are largely self-governing and self-directed – though not completely so. Autonomous systems accomplish complex tasks with an element of human involvement ranging from monitoring to a virtual human-machine partnership. Achieving autonomy demands tremendous advances in fundamental and applied science since autonomous systems must respond to situations that were not anticipated when the system was built.

Future autonomous systems will require innovation in machine learning, AI, image processing, command and control, cyber security, hardware and software safety, robotics, human factors, algorithms, as well as advances in legal and ethical frameworks to guide what decisions may morally be made by a machine and under what conditions. 

This certificate in Autonomous Systems and Data Science offers theoretical/practical coursework to facilitate the improvement of autonomous system design and the awareness of the role of such systems in society. It also provides coursework to derive data intelligence solutions.

The following courses are required for this certificate program:

  • >CPS 501: Advanced Programming and Data Structures
  • > Select one course from the following list or equivalent courses approved by the department:
      - PSY 515: Human Factors
      - PSY 522: Advanced Cognitive Processes
      - PSY 525: Cognitive Neuroscience
      - PSY 529: Perception
  • > Select three courses from the following:
      - CPS 534: Distributed Computing with Big Data
      - CPS 561: Virtual Reality
      - CPS 564: Visual Computing and Mixed Reality
      - CPS 567: Advanced Computer Vision
      - CPS 568: Advanced Interactive Media
      - CPS 573: Security and Safety in Autonomous Systems
      - CPS 580: Artificial Intelligence
      - CPS 584: Advanced Intelligent Systems and Deep Learning

Minimum semester hours: 15

All courses listed above are approved and offered on a regular basis. In particular, CPS 501 is offered each semester. A typical two-semester plan may be: CPS 501 and two more courses during the first semester; and the last two courses during the second semester.

Total Hours: 15

To be considered for admission to this certificate program, students must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, engineering, or one of the sciences. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field is desirable. The minimum required bachelor-level GPA is 3.0/4.0. Upon completing required 15 semester hours, students are awarded with a Graduate Certificate in Autonomous Systems and Data Science.

Note: students may apply for this certificate program only, take 5 relevant courses, and then are awarded with a certificate.

Students enrolled in our CPS Master's program may also apply for this certificate program; no additional admission requirements are needed. Upon completing minimum 30 credit hours that fulfill requirements for both the certificate program and our CPS Master's program, students are awarded with a Master's degree in Computer Science with a certificate in Autonomous Systems and Data Science.


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