University of Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital Healthcare Symposium

2019 Symposium

Integrative Approaches to Health and Healing

The tenth annual University of Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital Healthcare Symposium will be held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on March 30, 2019 in the John F. Kennedy Memorial Union on the University of Dayton campus. 

The symposium luncheon is at capacity and lunch seats are no longer available. Space is still available for the morning program. Please consider joining us for our sessions. 

The University of Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital Healthcare Symposium is a unique opportunity for University of Dayton students, alumni, health care professionals and community members to come together for a day of dialogue and continuing education.

We now know that most of health – possibly up to 80% – comes from factors outside of what we usually do in the clinic or hospital How can providers integrate social, intrapersonal, environmental and lifestyle factors into effective patient treatment? This year’s symposium, “Integrative Approaches to Health and Healing” explores innovative ways to care for patients at a multitude of levels, and includes discussions of new protocols for treating chronic disease, holistic approaches to enhance the healing process and systemic changes for improved health at the community level.

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the essential areas and polices of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint providership of Wright State University (WSU) and Miami Valley Hospital.

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Featured Presentations

Using Lifestyle to Heal Patients

Dr. Joseph Scherger

A new understanding of nutrition and healthy lifestyle factors has resulted in the ability to reverse chronic diseases such as: obesity and type 2 diabetes, common GI problems, auto-immune diseases and even cognitive decline. The interventions include healthy nutrition, regular exercise, quality sleep, stress reduction and executive cognitive function. Programs have been started at hospitals to both prevent and reverse these conditions through lifestyle change. The key components of these programs include intermittent fasting with nutrition change toward low carbohydrates and healthy fats. This presentation will go over the protocols for successfully preventing and reversing chronic diseases and promoting better health.

How Healing Works: And What it Means for Healthcare

Dr. Wayne Jonas

We now know that most of health – possibly up to 80% – comes from factors outside of what we usually do in the clinic or hospital. The primary determinants of health involve social, environmental, lifestyle and complementary medicine factors that few clinicians learn to deliver. How can we integrate these health determinants into our routine practice? In this talk, Dr. Wayne Jonas will describe a simple, systematic approach called a HOPE (Healing Oriented Practices and Environments) visit, that helps patients tap into their inherent healing capacity. Drawing on the most rigorous scientific evidence available, he will discuss how adding some simple questions and tools to your office practice, you can quickly move toward more patient-centered, integrative healthcare and enhance your patients healing for any chronic disease.

How to Build a Healthcare System 101

Dr. Michael Fine

Michael Fine MD, a community organizer, family physician and former director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, will present evidence that the US health care enterprise has failed to maintain or improve the public health despite huge public expenditures. Relying on international comparisons, he will illustrate what our outcomes and costs should be if we approached health care from the perspective of systems design, instead of using the market to distribute services. Dr. Fine will present the history of community-based health care systems in the US; and review evidence that suggests the building blocks of a health care system to serve all Americans are already in place.

Local Spotlights

Two local spotlight presentations putting into practice integrative approaches towards health and healing within the Dayton area will also be highlighted.

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