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Campaign Priorities

${ Flyer Promise Students }

Enhanced Access

To stay true to our Marianist values, we must expand access to a UD education. Support increased scholarships and aid to create runways to UD for all the right Flyers.

${ Students working with a model of the Roger Glass Center for the Arts }

Hands-On Learning

To ensure Flyers are day-one ready to add value in the workforce, we must make experiential learning available to all students. Help us prepare the next great generation of Flyers.

${ Faculty and students in the Empower Lab }

Academic Excellence and Innovation

To enhance the educational experience, we must increase our investment in top faculty and programs. Support the people and programs that directly lead to student success.

Philanthropy Goals

Help us accomplish our fundraising and participation goals to ensure a future of excellence for our beloved UD.

$400 million is our comprehensive campaign giving goal. 19,250 new Front Porch Society members is our participation goal.