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Paving the Way to a Better World

UD was founded in 1850 by the Society of Mary (Marianists), a group of visionary leaders who knew that consistent change was necessary for constant growth. The University's history is one of perseverance, tenacity, ingenuity and transformation.

Following in these footsteps, UD Flyers adapt to meet the needs of the changing world, seek to make a positive impact and light the path for those who follow.

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Leading On and Off Campus

Student clubs, programs and other opportunities help Flyers learn to lead in service to others. Through the Fitz Center, UD partners with local organizations to create partnerships, solve issues and build community.

How We Lead


From launching startups to collaborating with some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies, we partner with industry to solve real and urgent problems every day.

Explore UD's Center for Leadership

UD's Center for Leadership partners with top thought leaders to provide innovative, world-class education to senior executives, emerging leaders, and front-line supervisors and professionals.

Explore the Ethics and Leadership Initiative

This Initiative provides every student with a distinctive, integrated experience that fosters servant-leadership through a mini-course or an undergraduate certificate.


By working across disciplines and applying diverse perspectives, we create innovative solutions to real-world problems. It's one reason we're ranked #1 in the nation for materials R&D.

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University Administration

Lighting Our Path

Being Flyers, it’s in our nature to rise to unprecedented heights. And it’s the commitment of our leaders that keeps us on course.