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UD Sinclair Academy Students

Welcome to the UD Sinclair Community!

In light of the challenges we are facing together as a result of COVID-19, the University of Dayton is implementing a number of changes to our visit opportunities and admission processes. Students can email Julia Thompson to schedule a phone or virtual appointment.

We are glad you are exploring an opportunity for a quality education through the UD Sinclair Academy. Whether you are a current Sinclair student looking to join the program, a high school student interested in beginning the Academy or a college student interested in transferring in to the program, we know you are going to enjoy your journey, opportunities, experiences and, most of all, communities from both Sinclair and UD. Through the UD Sinclair Academy, transforming your future and earning a four-year degree is in reach.

We offer over 70 degree pathways from Sinclair's associate degrees to our bachelor's degrees. These pathways will help you take the right courses for your associate's and bachelor's degrees, and your UD and Sinclair academic advisers will help ensure that all of your credits will transfer.

The University of Dayton's commitment to Academy students means there are countless benefits for you! Check out the common reasons why other UD Sinclair Academy students chose the program.

  • Financial benefits and scholarship opportunities
  • Excellent academic reputation
  • Access to both Sinclair and UD academic advisers
  • Ease of transferring credits from Sinclair to UD
  • Access to Sinclair and UD libraries
  • Opportunity to participate in UD student organizations and clubs
  • Ability to learn close to home
  • Opportunity to make new friends and connections at UD and Sinclair
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Ability to develop and maintain deep roots in the Dayton community
Maria Salinas photo
Maria Salinas
I always wanted to go to UD, but never thought I would be able to because of the cost.  When I was at Sinclair, my professor told me about the program and how it’s more affordable this way! I fell in love with the campus and the idea that I could get a college experience while still attending a community college. The best part of the Academy experience was the friends I was able to make at Sinclair because we both were transferring to UD together. It was less scary to know that I knew people who were also transferring! 
My advice to future Academy students is to get involved. UD Sinclair students are able to join clubs and go to events, and I highly recommend that! I was too scared to join any clubs when I was first admitted into the program in 2018, and I regretted that.
Brooke Puterbaugh Photo
Brooke Puterbaugh
I decided to participate in the UD Sinclair Academy because it was affordable, local and a great opportunity to get my Bachelor's degree from such a respected university. The best part of my experience in the Academy was the friends I made and the mentors I met along the way.
My advice I have for other Academy students is to stay in contact with people at both schools and make sure you know what's expected of you so nothing slips through the cracks! 
Kyle Large Photo
Kyle Large
I decided to participate in the UD Sinclair Academy because UD is an amazing school and I would be going for a lower cost. After visiting UD’s campus, I knew I wanted to be part of their community. The best part of the Academy experience was learning in two different college atmospheres. This allowed different types of networking and communications skills to come together to help me become more successful.
The advice I would give to potential UD Sinclair Academy students would be to get involved in clubs and activities at UD as soon as you can. There are so many opportunities UD has to offer so make sure you don’t miss out!
Natalie Schulte Photo
Natalie Schulte

I decided to participate in the UD Sinclair Academy for two main reasons. First, UDSA made UD an affordable option for me. Before the Academy, I thought UD would be too expensive and out of reach for me. Second, UD just felt like home to me. The moment I first visited campus, I knew this is where I wanted to be. The best part of the Academy to me was being both a Sinclair student and a UD student at the same time. Even while I was still taking classes at Sinclair, I was able to take advantage of the benefits UD offered. Because I had access to both my Sinclair academic adviser and my UD academic adviser, I knew what to expect as soon as I started. 

I would tell future students to get involved with the community. Christmas on Campus (CoC) is a great opportunity to really get to know UD's family and what they're about. I attended CoC while I was still studying at Sinclair, and it was such an awesome experience. I would also tell students to apply sooner rather than later. The tuition-lock is an amazing service that UD provides Academy students and helps make UD even more affordable.