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Graduate Certificates in Communication

The Department of Communication offers graduate-level certificates in two important and always expanding areas: Health Communication and Strategic Public Relations. Read more about these programs and learn out about admission requirements below.

Both the certificate in Health Communication and Strategic Public Relations are now offered exclusively online.

To facilitate good health care delivery and ensure effective functioning of health care organizations, the course work for this certificate program targets health communication in two ways:

  • Improvement of communication skills and increased awareness of the role of communication in health care delivery.
  • Examination of the communication processes utilized within health care organizations.

The certificate program consists of 12 semester hours of courses.

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This certificate program provides fundamental theories and knowledge to explore ways to effectively manage mutually beneficial relationships within organizations:

  • Discussion of the role of values as important factors that affect the publics’ attitudes and behaviors.
  • Elective courses explore specific, advanced messaging and communication skills and abilities for public relations practitioners.

The certificate program consists of 12 semester hours of courses.

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Within this program students will explore the fundamental theories and knowledge of the basic skills needed to convey messages across a variety of media forms such as photography, audio, video and interactive web publishing. Coursework for this program will focus on:

  • Demonstrating capability with digital news and storytelling by using different techniques, formats, and media platforms as appropriate.
  • Demonstrate understanding of processes and conditions needed for successful communication with today’s multimedia consumers and audiences. 

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Admission Requirements 

Students seeking admission to any certificate program will satisfy the following requirements based upon academic standing: 

  1. University of Dayton graduate students with a minimum 3.0 GPA can apply.
  2. University of Dayton undergraduate students can apply upon attaining senior standing (90 semester hours) with a minimum 3.5 GPA.
  3. Professionals wishing to obtain the certificate only must have completed a bachelor's degree as verified by a transcript when applying to the certificate program. 
  • Once admitted, University of Dayton undergraduates may apply these 12 graduate credit towards their undergraduate requirements, depending on the major.  Students are strongly encouraged to discuss the matter with their advisors. 
  • Students may pursue more than one certificate program, however double-counting is not allowed.  Students must earn 12 unique credits for each certificate. 

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