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Continuing Education

Learning Never Ends

The University of Dayton has a tradition of including adult learners in its community. Adult learners can strengthen skills and expand horizons beyond the classroom.In the 1920s, UD turned on the lights at night and began an evening college which made university-level education available to area residents who worked during the day. Returning veterans of World War II  -- and later, Korea and Vietnam -- matured the student body and added unique learning experiences to the classroom environment. In 1952, free audit tuition for persons 60 and over made UD a pioneer in intergenerational learning.  Today, that program is called Senior Fellows and it's been joined by a summer Elderhostel program, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UD (UDLLI) and the New Horizons Band. In 1960, graduate studies, which had been abandoned during World War II, were reinstituted.

Today, UD continues this tradition with graduate and undergraduate courses available, along with short-term learning opportunities such as workshops, seminars, teleconferences, and forums. In addition, there is a wealth of resources for independent learning:  the university's libraries, plays, concerts, recitals, gallery exhibits, lectures, etc.  Pick what interests you.

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Special Programs and Continuing Education

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Special Program and Continuing Education