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College of Arts and Sciences

Student Advising

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The College of Arts and Sciences advising team consists of over 180 faculty members and professional staff who provide support to students throughout their academic careers at the University of Dayton. From speaking with students about academic interests, major or minor exploration, class schedules, study habits and more, an advisor serves as a point person to assist students in completing university and degree requirements from a student’s first semester through their final semester at the University of Dayton. 

Advising information

Faculty Advisor

Students see their faculty advisor for:

  • Information regarding course of study in the major and first-line career advice in the field.
  • Developing an appropriate course schedule that will satisfy both degree and major requirements as well as offer advice on choices of elective.
  • The advising approval code for registration once a course schedule has been approved.
  • Identifying a term-by-term curriculum plan as well as reviewing academic progress throughout the semester.
  • Approval to drop or add a course.*

*An assistant dean’s signature is not required to drop a course unless the request pertains to late withdrawal after the W period or a complete withdrawal from the University.

Assistant Dean

Students see their assistant dean for special concerns that are not part of regular academic advising. The assistant deans may be contacted at 937-229-2611 or

  • Transfer credit approval (University policy requires preauthorization to receive credit for courses taken at other institutions)
  • Academic Standing (probation, dismissal)
  • Medical withdrawal with supporting documentation.
  • Complete withdrawal from the University.
  • Graduation approval and release of diploma once grades have been verified.
  • Approval for registration of 19 hours or above.
  • Study abroad course approval.
  • Exceptions to degree or major requirements. (requests must be routed through the advisor to the assistant dean)
  • Late withdrawal from a course after the W period has ended.
  • Late registration of a course with instructor approval

Office Hours

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.* Monday through Friday
O'Reilly Hall

Call 937-229-2611 or visit O'Reilly Hall if you have advising questions.

*Excludes all University holidays


College of Arts and Sciences

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