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Women's and Gender Studies


The study of women's and gender studies focuses on the experiences and perspectives of women and considers how gender intersects with other factors, such as race and class, to shape all of our lives. Founded upon the integration of theory and practice, and of critique and imagination, women's and gender studies brings approaches from other disciplines and fields into conversation with each other and with critical theories about gender and power to address and improve the lives of women and, by extension, of children and men. Inspired by both feminist and Marianist traditions, the Women's and Gender Studies Program at the University of Dayton promotes:

  • integration, collaboration, and personal engagement in learning;
  • the development and dissemination of critical thinking for social justice;
  • the appreciation and protection of human dignity and diversity
  • and leadership through responsibility and service to community.
2021 Joyce Durham Essay Contest

We welcome submissions from any currently enrolled undergraduate at the University of Dayton for the annual Joyce Durham Essay Contest for distinguished work in women’s and gender studies.  

Contest Details and Entry Form
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