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Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Recent decades have seen a revolution in GIS technology and a consequent explosion of its applications in many areas. GIS integrates hardware, software and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. In addition to being a valuable research tool in both natural and social sciences, it plays an important role in many areas of decision making, such as choosing sites, targeting market segments, planning distribution networks, responding to emergencies, or redrawing political boundaries.  As a result, there is a great demand for people with GIS skills.  This certificate program aims to provide training in GIS to meet such demand.

To successfully complete the GIS certificate program students will complete 14 credits of coursework, comprised of four core courses of study. Read program and course details >>  

GIS Certificate Programs are a great option for professionals, graduate students, and even undergraduate students who are interested in training to become proficient in the fundamental concepts and techniques in GIS. GIS Certificate Programs are offered by many institutions as a complement to their existing degree programs, though the certificate program itself is not a degree program. The UD GIS Certificate Program is offered through the Department of Geology and can be completed in as little as one year (three semesters). Upon completing the program students will be well qualified to begin or advance a career in GIS and geospatial technologies and applications. 

  • GEO 450/550: Introduction to GIS
  • GEO 555: Environmental Remote Sensing
  • GEO 560 Advanced GIS Applications
  • GEO 598: GIS Capstone

Students may take one or two other courses relating to distinctive areas of concentration of their choice.  These courses can be existing University of Dayton courses that provide additional background knowledge to GIS usage, or GIS-specific courses that can be developed later with collaboration from other departments.

As part of a new federal regulation focusing on Title IV programs, the University of Dayton is providing required information about how our non-degree programs lead to gainful employment in recognized careers. You may review gainful employment information for the GIS certificate program.

Applicants are asked to submit transcripts, a statement of purpose and three letters of recommendation. There is no application fee. Applications are considered year-round and should be submitted online through Graduate Admission Processing.

The certificate may also be completed by students already enrolled in any University of Dayton Graduate program, provided the student meets the admission criteria.  In addition, undergraduate students at the University of Dayton who maintain a "B" average and complete all required course work for the certificate program may earn the GIS Certificate co-terminally upon completion of their undergraduate degree.


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