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College of Arts and Sciences

Advancing liberal arts education
Who we are

The College of Arts and Sciences is at the center of a diverse community that is the University of Dayton. We are a liberal arts college that flourishes within the broader context of a comprehensive university. We are committed to lifelong intellectual, professional, and personal growth through learning in the arts, the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences.

What we believe

The College believes that liberal learning is essential for responsible, engaged, and worthwhile living. Liberal learning teaches us to reason and to communicate clearly, to think analytically and critically, and to appreciate the value of global, societal and individual perspectives. Liberal learning stimulates our creativity and opens our imaginations: it helps us develop historical awareness and an understanding of empirical, scientific methodologies; it gives us the ability to adapt to changing needs and conditions; and it prepares us to lead rewarding lives and to contribute to others.

Our competitive advantages

Students and their families will find unique value in our programs because we:

  • focus on personal excellence through a learning community that is both supportive and challenging; build upon our Catholic traditions and our Marianist heritage;
  • provide distinctive, strong academic majors while practicing a uniquely effective approach to general education;
  • provide the personal faculty-student interaction of a liberal arts college within the context of diverse options available only at a comprehensive university;
  • and enable students to connect academic learning with professional experience, service, and research.

College of Arts and Sciences

O'Reilly Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0800