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Undergraduate Affordability

Making a Top Value Even More Affordable

As a Catholic, Marianist university, we are committed to transparency and affordability. Why? We want you to have peace of mind when it comes to cost, so you are positioned for a successful future. Because of the top education they receive, our graduates possess the skills, knowledge and values needed for success in the ever-changing world. And 97% of our students are employed, in graduate school or in a full-time service program within six months of graduation.

The University invests more than $200 million in our students each year through generous financial aid awards. Merit scholarships worth up to $124,000 (over four years) are available, and 98 percent of our students receive financial assistance

To help you plan ahead, our innovative four-year approach ensures the tuition you pay remains the same all four years, and there are no fees. A textbook scholarship and study abroad scholarships are also available. 


Students are considered for merit scholarships up to $124,000 upon admission.


Visit campus and file the FAFSA to receive up to $4,000 for your textbooks.

Study Abroad

Affordable study abroad options and scholarships are available.

Apply to UD

You will automatically be considered for merit scholarships by applying to the University of Dayton. To find out which scholarships you qualify for, apply today for free.

“I have three siblings, so whatever college I chose had to make sense financially for me and my family. The University of Dayton stood out because it allowed me to plan all four years of expenses without worrying about any surprise lab fees, tuition increases or other charges I wasn't expecting.”

Renee Brown, ’17, who graduated with zero debt

Net Price Calculator

As part of our commitment to transparency, this net price calculator will help you estimate the cost of your UD education while factoring in potential merit scholarships and grants, textbook scholarships and study abroad scholarships.


97% of students are employed, in grad school or in a full-time service program within six months of graduation.


At UD, there are no surcharges, fees or hidden expenses. At other universities, these can cost you up to $20,000 over four years.


Eighty-five percent of UD students begin to repay their student loans within three years of graduating compared to 46% nationally.


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Percentage of students who receive financial aid.