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Report a Concern

How to Report a Concern...

For immediately dangerous and life threatening situations, please contact Public Safety. Call 911 from UD Campus Phone or Call (937) 229-2121 from all other phones.


For all other concerns, please scroll down for questions that will help you determine where to report your concern. Links or contact details are available under each question.  

The University of Dayton was founded on our Catholic and Marianist traditions and we strive to live out these values through our commitment to community for the common good.  We are unfortunately unable to oust all injustices from our campus community. You may notice (or be the recipient) of an unjust act or have a concern within our campus community. We encourage individuals to try to work out concerns with the affected individual(s) or report our concerns to a supervisor. At times you may not be comfortable doing so and if the matter appears to be criminal, do not go to the affected individual(s) first.  In these circumstances we have designed avenues  (listed below) for you to report your concern and ensure help.  We encourage everyone to support and strengthen our campus community by reporting their concerns. 

Please note these resources are not monitored 24/7. For immediate assistance (and always when you are in immediate danger or there is a life threatening situation), please contact Public Safety at 911 from a UD campus phone or 937-229-2121 from all other phones. 

Reporting frequently asked questions and avenues for filing a report:

Contact Public Safety

If you have an immediate emergency or witness something criminal in nature, contact Public Safety. The Department of Public Safety is a service oriented organization which provides police, emergency medical, student transportation, and parking services to the University community 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Additional Public Safety information available here or call 911 from a campus phone or 937-229-2121 on any non-University phone. 

Report any COVID-19 Violations Here

UD students may use this form to report behavior that violates the Flyer COVID-19 Agreement and other safety protocols. Please provide sufficient detail to support your report being investigated.  

Contact the Privately Speaking Line

If you have a concern and are unsure which reporting avenue you should use or if confidentiality or retaliation is a concern, use the Privately Speaking Line. A report can be made online or by making a toll-free phone call. Both methods are administered by Navex/EthicsPoint who is a third party contractor that maintains the confidentiality of the reporter. 

Additional Privately Speaking Line information available or file a report here.

Contact the Equity Compliance Office

If you or someone you know in the University community has had an experience of sexual violence, you have options.  Be sure you are in a safe place, consider whether medical attention is needed, and talk with someone.  For confidential assistance contact an advocate at Artemis in Dayton call (937) 461-HELP (4357) or RAINN's national hotline at (800) 656-4673, or students can meet with a clinician at the University Counseling Center 937-229-3141

To report information or learn more about options for reporting visit the Equity Compliance Office here.

Contact the Equity Compliance Office

The University does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, genetic information, military status, veteran status, familial status or any other protected category under applicable local, state or federal law, ordinance or regulation.  Harassment constitutes a form of discrimination that is prohibited by University policy. 

Unwelcome conduct that is based on an individual’s actual or perceived membership in a protected class, or other conduct that diminishes the worth of a person, is incompatible with our fundamental commitment as a Catholic university conducted in the Marianist tradition, and therefore is prohibited by the University. 

To submit a bias incident or discriminatory or harassing behavior click the red button on the Equity Compliance Office here

Contact Workers' Compensation

On the job injuries should be reported to your supervisor and Human Resources in a timely manner.  If you or your employee suffers an injury while on the job, refer to the information about the Workers’ Compensation program (available at the link below), including instructions, information on the process and forms for reporting injuries. This also applies to student employees. 

Additional employee injury information available or file a form here. 

Contact Risk Management and Insurance (see contact information below)

If you have been injured (non-work related), had a near-miss injury, or have observed an unsafe condition on campus. 

The following Directors are available to help. 

Katherine Cleaver
Executive Director, Environmental Health & Safety 
Phone: 937-229-4503

Margie (Mary) Keenan
Associate Director, Risk Management & Insurance
Phone: 937-229-4502

Contact the Employee Care Team (see contact information below)

The Employee Care Team has been created to help faculty and staff. Whether you are concerned for someone's well-being or have witnessed outward signs that an employee is in distress, Human Resources has a team that can help you. We are a community that cares, reporting a concern may be one more piece of a larger puzzle that the team needs to provide that employee with assistance. 

The following Human Resource Directors are available to help. 

Jennifer Duwel
Director of Employee Relations, Talent and Risk
Phone: 937-229-2722

Teshia M. Ligon
Director of Labor and Employee Relations
Phone: 937-229-5382

Contact the C.A.R.E. Team

The Campus Awareness Response and Evaluation Team (C.A.R.E.) has been created to help students. There are often many outward signs that a student is in distress. Knowing what to notice, what to do and what to avoid could be the lifeline your student needs to get help. Additionally, reporting ‘odd’ behavior that causes you concern may just be one more piece of a larger puzzle that the C.A.R.E. team needs to provide that student with assistance. 

Additional C.A.R.E. information available or file a report here. 

Contact UDRI Ethics or the Department of Defense Hotline

UDRI’s integrity is core to its identity and central to its values. A strong culture of integrity is vital to UDRI’s reputation as a leading research institute. UDRI has created a Business Ethics and Integrity Committee. Ethical concerns regarding research should be reported through either the Committee’s secure or unsecure line. Concerns may also be reported through the Department of Defense Hotline. See Policy for Business Ethics & Integrity Code for Sponsored Research.  

To reach the Chair of the UDRI Business Ethics and Integrity Committee:

Call: UDRI Hotline at 937-229-4848 (secure line)

Write: UDRI – Office of Contracts and Grants
          ATTN: Chair, UDRI Business Ethics and Integrity Committee
          300 College Park
          Dayton OH 45469-0104

Fax: 937-229-2291 (unsecure line)

To reach the appropriate government officials:

Call: Defense Hotline toll-free at 800-424-9098

Contact the Privately Speaking Line

Did you see something or hear something and are unsure which reporting option you should use? Do you want it to be confidential? Is retaliation a concern? Use the Privately Speaking Line. A report can be made online or a toll-free phone call. Both methods will be administered by EthicsPoint who is a third party service vendor that maintains the confidentiality of the reporter.  

Additional Privately Speaking Line information available or file a report here.

When Making a Report...

Concerns should be raised in good faith. Any retaliation for reporting is prohibited. If you feel you are a victim of retaliation as a result of a report  or investigation you can report it to Legal Affairs (937-229-4333), Equity Compliance Office (for matters related to nondiscrimination 927-229-3622), Human Resources (937-229-2541) or the Privately Speaking Line (administered by third party EthicsPoint).  Making a known false report  (fabricating information) is also a violation of policy.


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