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Research Labs

Design of Innovative Machines

Team goal is to create, design, build, and test novel machines and mechanisms for a variety of applications while generating the theory for support.

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Engineering Wellness Through Biomechanics Lab

Our research has the potential to transform the clinical assessment and treatment of balance, gait and mobility problems.

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Integrated Microsystems

Pursue pioneering engineering and technology research and development, translate into commercial products, provide resources to industries and train high-skilled engineers, scientists and technicians in micro- to nano-scale electronics, fabrication, integration and packaging.

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Intelligent Optics

Focus is on the areas of controllable and adaptive optical systems as well as optical wave propagation through the atmosphere.


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Intelligent Signal Systems

Focus is on the following three areas of research: physical and statistical modeling of image sensors, algorithmic development for exploitation of image data and meaningful inferences on the observed scene.

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Low Speed Wind Tunnel

The main purpose of the wind tunnel lab is to explore ways to improve aerodynamic efficiency. This exploration is achieved through a mélange of aerodynamic techniques.

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Merlin Flight Simulator

A physics-based flight mechanics module to recreate an accurate representation of how their air vehicles would actually fly.

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Nano Electro-Optics

The NEOL focuses mainly in the general area of physical optics using modern fabrication tools to achieve subwavelength spatial engineering of light wave properties and manipulate the light matter interactions on the nanometer scale.


Ohio Third Frontier sponsored research projects with the main focus on photonic device fabrication and optical thin film development.

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Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

Visual servoing, metrology and calibration, real-time control and other topics relevant to industrial robotics.

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Signal and Image Processing

Designed for undergraduate and graduate student signal and image processing research.

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Excellent educational opportunities that involve theoretical and hands-on experiences, services to the community, and applying design and research skills.

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