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Undergraduate Engineering Programs

Bachelor's Plus Master's at the University of Dayton

Use up to six credit hours of graduate coursework to satisfy baccalaureate and master’s degree program requirements.

Bachelor's Plus Master's at the University of Dayton
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Engineering Minors Programs

3 + 2 Engineering Programs for International Students

Engineering Students at Kettering Labs


The best way to understand our passion, innovation and community is to experience it yourself.

Grand Challenges Scholars Program

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) GRAND CHALLENGES FOR ENGINEERING  globally serves people and society for the “continuation of life on the planet and a more sustainable, secure, healthy and joyful world" and has sparked a global movement for engineering. In 2009, the NAE endorsed an engineering education that focuses on global awareness and social skills along with Grand Challenges that broaden undergraduate study in engineering to the global community — the Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP).

Grand Challenges Scholars Program

School of Engineering

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