Minors & Concentrations

At the University of Dayton our philosophy is to provide a broad undergraduate education in one field of study with the opportunity to explore areas of interest through minors and course concentrations. Minors such as bioengineering, human movement in biomechanics, robotics, energy systems, environmental, aerospace, and integrated arts and technology are popular choices. Students can even minor in subjects outside of engineering to further connect with their passions and interests.

Undergraduate Engineering Minors

Aerospace Engineering (AAE)

Human Movements Biomechanics (HMB)

Automotive Systems (AST)

Industrial Automation and Applied Robotic Systems (ARS)

Bioengineering (BIE)

Industrial Engineering Technology (IET)

Chemical Processing (CHP)

Integrated Arts and Technology (IAT)

Composite Materials Engineering (CMA)

Materials Engineering (MAT)

Computer Systems (COS)

Mechanical Engineering Technology (MCT)

Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology (ECT)

Mechanical Systems (MES)

Energy Production Engineering (EPE)

Operations Engineering (OPE)

Engineering Management (ENM)

Polymer Materials (PME)

Engineering Mechanics (EME)

Quality Assurance (QUA)

Engineering Technology (EGT)

Signals and Systems (SAS)

Environmental Engineering (EVE)

Structures (STR)

Geotechnical Engineering (GTE)

Sustainable Manufacturing (SMF)

Global Manufacturing Systems Engineering Technology (GMT)

Transportation Engineering (TRE)

Water Resources Engineering (WRE)


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