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Vision Lab

Center of Excellence for Computational Intelligence and Machine Vision

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The mission of the Vision Lab is to invent new technologies for sensor-based information extraction and automatic decision-making, and to train undergraduate and graduate students to become outstanding candidates to learn, lead, and serve in the areas of machine intelligence and autonomous systems.

Our primary strategic goals include developing new algorithms and architectures for real-time applications in the areas of signal processing, image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks and bio-mimetic object-vision recognition. We offer UD students and employees opportunities to collaborate on projects, journal papers, dissertations, and theses. We also continue to strive for new connections and maintain current relationships with several leading universities around the world, local and national businesses, and U.S. Armed Forces in an effort to continue conducting collaborative and interdisciplinary research on several topics of mutual interest.

Vision Lab Highlight

Learn all that takes place within the Vision Lab by watching this presentation by our lab director, Dr. Vijayan K. Asari.


Vision Lab, Dr. Vijayan Asari, Director

Kettering Lab
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0232