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Building Energy Center

Low-Cost Energy Audits

The University of Dayton's Building Energy Center (UD-BEC) was founded in 2006 to:

  1.  Improve building performance and energy efficiency
  2.  Educate energy efficiency engineers
  3.  Advance building energy engineering

Ohio Lean Buildings Program

The Building Energy Center operates the Ohio Lean Buildings program.  Ohio Lean Buildings leverages state of Ohio co-funding to provide low-cost energy assessments for commercial and institutional buildings.  The assessments focus on cost-effective energy-efficiency opportunities in:

  1. Lighting upgrades and control
  2. Zone temperature control
  3. Fan system control
  4. Pumping system control
  5. Chiller/cooling system control
  6. Boiler/heating system control

and offer project management and financing assistance.  The contact for Ohio Lean Buildings energy audits is:

Dr. Andrew Chiasson

Building Energy Center Also Provides

  • Low-cost residential energy audits
  • Net-zero energy building design assistance
  • Renewable energy system design assistance
  • Energy and CO2 emission tracking and benchmarking
  • Phase change material and thermal mass analysis
  • Free energy analysis software

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Renewable and Clean Energy, Dr. J. Kelly Kissock, Department Chair

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Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0238