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Grand Challenges Scholars

An Engineering Movement

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) GRAND CHALLENGES FOR ENGINEERING  globally serves people and society for the “continuation of life on the planet and a more sustainable, secure, healthy and joyful world" and has sparked a global movement for engineering. Since the Grand Challenges for Engineering Report, three Global Grand Challenges Summits have been held in London (2013), Beijing (2015) and Washington (2017), and the momentum of this movement continues to accelerate. 

Grand Challenges Scholars Program

In 2009, the NAE endorsed an engineering education that focuses on global awareness and social skills along with Grand Challenges that broaden undergraduate study in engineering to the global community — the Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP).

The GCSP identifies five competencies that a student must achieve, and each adopting university defines its supplemental approach to educating its students. 

Five GCSP Competencies for Students

Mentored research/creative experience on a Grand Challenge-like topic.

Understanding multidisciplinary of engineering systems solutions developed through personal engagement.

Understanding, preferably developed through experience, of the necessity of a viable business model for solution implementation.

Understanding different cultures, preferably through multicultural experiences, to ensure cultural acceptance of proposed engineering solutions.

Understanding that the engineering solutions should primarily serve people and society reflecting social consciousness.


Grand Challenges Scholars Program, Dr. Markus Rumpfkeil, Director