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Engineering April 09, 2020
Premier Health partners with University of Dayton students to enhance telehealth capabilities

University of Dayton engineering students, Henry Doheny, Riley Zelczak and Liz Alexander, spent the last several months researching telehealth to improve healthcare provider-patient interaction through the Telehealth Clinical Internship Program.

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Engineering April 08, 2020
University of Dayton researchers create new state of light

After two years of research, and thanks to a sabbatical, University of Dayton researchers, Qiwen Zhan and Andy Chong, became the first to create a new “state of light."

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Engineering April 06, 2020
Working to deliver a new tool in the fight against the spread of COVID-19

Software developed by a University of Dayton Research Institute scientist to quickly diagnose COVID-19 has been exclusively licensed by Greenville, South Carolina, software development company Blue Eye Soft. The technology, which detected the presence of the COVID-19 disease on a dataset of chest X-rays in seconds with 98 percent accuracy, was adapted from existing medical diagnostic software in a matter of hours, then licensed in less than three days.

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Engineering March 16, 2020
University of Dayton Engineering Students Help Mission of Mary Cooperative Become First Net-Zero Energy Organization in Dayton
University of Dayton engineering students have helped Mission of Mary Cooperative, a Dayton-based urban farming operation, become the city's first net-zero energy organization through the New Buildings Institute, a third-party non-profit organization pushing for better energy performance in buildings.
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Engineering March 09, 2020
Women in Engineering Club at Springboro High School Opens New Doors
Among recent efforts to place more women in STEM fields, high school juniors Maddie Pluta and Anna Braunschneider of Springboro High School are spearheading a Women in Engineering (WIE) Club for their peers interested in pursuing the field.
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Engineering March 02, 2020
Carroll High School Student Expands Research with Help from Vision Lab at the University of Dayton

Ashley Martin, a Carroll High School student, set ambitious goals for her science fair project and reached out to the University of Dayton’s Vijay Asari and his Vision Lab team to help achieve them.

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Engineering February 17, 2020
ETHOS Experiential Learning Engages University of Dayton Ph.D. Student

Salahaldin Alshatshati spent two semesters participating in an ETHOS Dayton immersion, where he stepped away from traditional academic study and engaged in community projects with non-profit organizations.

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Engineering February 12, 2020
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: UD Engineers Week 2020

Engineers Week brings the entire UD community together to celebrate engineering.

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Engineering February 05, 2020
High School Students Get a Head Start on Their UD Classes
Students receive hands-on, real-world experience – and earn college credit – before setting foot on campus.
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Engineering December 13, 2019
Mother Teresa's Influence Continues to Inspire University of Dayton Engineers

My mother met Mother Teresa and often spoke of her. My brothers and I were reminded to never forget the less fortunate. During my time at UD, I became unsettled and started to question if I was being called to serve as Mother Teresa did but with an engineering degree.

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