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Engineering June 11, 2024
Tarek Taha and Chris Yakopcic: Pioneers of innovation at the University of Dayton

In the halls of the University of Dayton, where innovation thrives, Tarek Taha and Chris Yakopcic are creating technological marvels. Their journey — from theoretical musings to tangible patents — has reshaped their careers.

The prolific path: 32 patents and counting

Engineering June 03, 2024
Kind People, Meaningful Work: My Unforgettable Trip to Ecuador

Chemical engineering student Caleb Herbon recently visited Ecuador through the Ethos Center and shares of his life-changing experience.

Engineering May 29, 2024
In Memoriam: Robert Wolff ‘56, ‘59
Robert “Bob” Wolff, UD alumnus and engineering professor emeritus, passed away Friday, May 24, at the age of 88.
Engineering May 13, 2024
Engineering Senior Design Project Wins Second Place in National Competition for Solutions for Injured Veterans and First Responders

A team of UD engineering seniors took home second place at the inaugural Quality of Life Plus National Design Competition. The UD team designed a lower-limb socket for a prosthetic that mitigates heat and moisture and improves the quality of life for injured veterans and first responders.

Engineering May 10, 2024
Aerospace Engineering Doctoral Student Awarded School of Engineering Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award

Jacky Cai was awarded the School of Engineering Graduate Teaching Assistant Award at the Graduate Student Showcase and Awards in April. In his eight years at UD he has been a teaching assistant for six classes and an instructor for two. He enjoys teaching project-based classes and helping his students bring their ideas to life. 

Engineering May 06, 2024
Sophomore Engineering Students Awarded Full Scholarships for Junior and Senior Year through the Women Engineering Program and Clare Boothe Luce Program
Two mechanical engineering students were awarded full scholarships for their junior and senior years through the Women in Engineering Program (WEP) and the Clare Boothe Luce Program (CBL), which are dedicated to increasing the participation of women in engineering in higher education.
Engineering May 02, 2024
University of Dayton Students Light up Fourth Graders’ Interest in Engineering
University of Dayton engineering students worked on a project for Stingley Elementary School to reduce cafeteria noise, offering hands-on learning and sparking excitement about college and engineering among fourth graders.
Engineering April 30, 2024
Advocating for Hispanics in STEM
Josie Alvarez, mechanical engineering technology student and current president of the UD chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), recently represented SHPE at meetings with government representatives in Congress.
Engineering April 29, 2024
Ethos Alumna Comes Back to Share Story with Current Students

Dr. Chris Vehar Jutte ‘02, now a contractor with NASA, recently came back to her alma mater this spring to discuss engineering as a vocation for the common good. During her discussion with current students, she shared her own vocational journey, which included being part of a group of students who started what is now the Ethos Center. 

Engineering April 25, 2024
UD Researchers Find Unique Results in Testing Turbulence Strength During Total Solar Eclipse
Researchers observed unexpected atmospheric effects in a set of measurements that are difficult to make, given a small portion of the U.S. with total solar eclipse, lack of currently available instruments and an appropriately equipped testing site.