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Intelligent Optics Lab

Research in the IOL


Students and professors of the University of Dayton Intelligent Optics Laboratory (IOL) focus on the areas of controllable and adaptive optical systems and optical wave propagation through the atmosphere.

  • Fiber-array systems for directed energy and laser additive manufacturing
  • Adaptive optics and beam control: Hardware, software, integration
  • Atmospheric effects: Sensing, mitigation and exploitation
  • Adaptive beam projection and power beaming systems
  • Numerical analysis of atmospheric optics systems
  • Adaptive free-space laser communication systems

Our research is supported through a 7-km atmospheric optics testbed with continuously operating sensors for measurement of atmospheric turbulence strength and meteorological data.

The IOL research and development team specializes in the development of intelligent optics laser and sensing systems with improved performance in harsh operating conditions. We work through Optonicus to provide an efficient transition of DoD technology to industry. The use of the IOL facility offers: ~5,000 square feet of space in five optical and supporting labs for electronics and fiber-optic component development and testing.


Intelligent Optics Laboratory, Dr. Mikhail Vorontsov, Director

Fitz Hall
1529 Brown St
Dayton, Ohio 45469