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Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program

I am an Engineer

The Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program (MEP) is a community of multi-ethnic scholars who engage in various programming and experiences that promote exploration and growth as emerging engineering professionals.

We welcome and invite all members of our campus community to participate in the MEP with the goal of creating and upholding an engineering community that celebrates diversity academically, professionally and socially.

Students in the Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program engage in the following:

  • STEM Summer Bridge Program - an on-campus, residential immersion
  • Workshops that build on student skills and talents to promote academic and professional development
  • Enrollment with MEP peers in common math, chemistry and physics courses
  • Engagement in peer-to-peer mentoring through the PEERS mentoring program
  • Individualized advising in collaboration with the Office of Student Success
  • Learning, Leading and Serving within multi-ethnic and/or engineering student communities
Building a Community of Success

African-American, Asian American, Hispanic-American or Native American students can find peer support, mentoring, academic guidance and professional networking necessary to thrive in their engineering education and careers.

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About our Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program

  • Overview
  • Success Through Leadership
  • Celebrate!
  • Building Community and Promoting Research and Career Exploration

    Students' Academic Success Through Leadership

    20th Anniversary


    Alison Ekpelu, Director, Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program

    Kettering Laboratories
    300 College Park
    Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0255