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Engineering Management, Systems and Technology

EMST Certificates

The Department of Engineering Management, Systems, and Technology (EMST) offers a wide variety of graduate certificates that recognize academic accomplishments in a cluster of related graduate courses.  EMST graduate certificates consist of 3 graduate courses (9 credit hours) that focus on a specific aspect of engineering management or systems engineering.

These certificates can either be free-standing or awarded concurrently with an associated graduate degree.  All courses earn graduate credit that can be applied to a master's degree in engineering management or management science.

Admission Requirements

Current Students

Current UD graduate students in the School of Engineering may simply declare a certificate.  To declare a certificate, navigate to Porches and Flyer Student Services. In the My Resources section, go to Additional Resources and Declaring a Graduate Certificate Program.

New Students

All new students must apply for admission into either the specific certificate program or associated degree program.  You may access the online application portal here:

Current Certificates

The EMST department currently offers graduate certificates in the following areas:

Foundations of Engineering Management

This certificate is designed for individuals currently in or pursuing technical leadership positions involving financial decision making, the management of technical personnel and projects, as well as problem solving and continuous improvement in production systems.

This certificate is comprised of the following three courses:

  • ENM 530 Engineering Economy
  • ENM 540 Lean Production Systems
  • ENM 582 Engineering Organizational Development

Systems Engineering Management

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach to design and managing the lifecycle of complex systems.  The management of such systems must ensure the integration of all aspects of the system which requires knowledge of project management and the ability to make decisions under uncertainty.  In addition, managers require a structured approach for defining customer needs and project functionality, documenting requirements, and then proceeding with design synthesis and system validation while considering the system as a whole.

The certificate is comprised of the following three courses:

  • ENM 505 Management and Engineering Systems
  • ENM 534 Decision Analysis
  • ENM 539 Project Management

Six Sigma and Operational Excellence

Six Sigma is a data-driven approach and methodology for process improvement, and Operational Excellence embraces principles and tools to create and maintain substantial organizational improvements.  This graduate level certificate emphasizes essential concepts, practices, and methods for quality improvement, lean management, and effective teamwork.  In depth course work in the areas of quality assurance and design & analysis of experiments provide students a rigorous, analytical basis for implementing Lean Six Sigma and Organizational Excellence in practice.

The certificate is comprised of the following three courses:

  • ENM 564 Lean Six Sigma for Engineers
  • ENM 560 Quality Assurance
  • ENM 561 Design and Analysis of Experiments

*ENM 500 Probability & Statistics for engineers (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for all courses in the Six Sigma and Operational Excellence Certificate.


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