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EMST Certificates

The University of Dayton Department of Engineering Management, Systems and Technology offers three certificate programs listed below.

Six Sigma Certificate

This certificate is designed for those individuals currently in or pursuing technical positions involving statistically based design and development of complex programs, processes or products.

You'll master Six Sigma by studying its theoretical roots and conceptual foundations at the graduate level. This is a rigorous presentation of the analytical techniques used in applying Six Sigma that goes beyond what is normally covered in Six Sigma Black Belt seminars. Those who successfully complete the four-course sequence will be awarded a graduate certificate in Six Sigma.

Design of Experiments Certificate

For the engineering or scientific professional, the School of Engineering offers this certificate with efficient techniques to solve challenging problems in key processes and product quality experimentation and design. If interested, you must apply to and be accepted for admission into a University of Dayton graduate degree program. All Graduate School policies pertaining to admissions apply.

This certificate is comprised of the following three courses:

  • ENM 500: Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  • ENM 561: Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • ENM 590: Case Studies in Engineering Management

Systems Engineering Certificate

Designed for those individuals currently in or pursuing technical leadership positions involving the design and development of complex programs, processes or products.

Program Details

The Mission of the School of Engineering is to educate complete professionals who have an integrated knowledge of the theory and practice of engineering together with an equally strong understanding of the arts and sciences that will prepare them for fulfilling careers of leadership, service, and life-long learning for the good of society.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the admission requirements for the School of Engineering. This includes an undergraduate degree in engineering, engineering technology, mathematics, science or another technical discipline.

Applicants having some calculus but otherwise deficient or in need of a math review should first take the following additional course: ENM 503 Engineering Analyses - Methods and Models.

All courses earn graduate credit that can be applied to a master’s degree in engineering management or management science.


Engineering Management, Systems and Technology, Prof. Scott Schneider, Department Chair

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