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Federal Grant Seekers and Early Career Fellowships

Federal Grant Seekers Fellowship

The Federal Grant Seekers Fellowship will be offered in 2024. Application and workshop schedule to be announced at a later date.


The School of Engineering Federal Grant Seekers Fellowship runs every other year and alternates with our Early Career Fellowship. 

The School of Engineering, in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences, presents the program, which is a semester-long cohort that prepares you to meet with program officers, improves your grant writing skills, increases your chance at winning federal grants and promotes inter-disciplinary research.

FGSF provides you with the opportunity to identify and work on federal grant proposals while teaming with a cohort of like-minded faculty.

Your fellowship will culminate with a trip to Washington, D.C. during summer 2024 to meet with program officers from federal agencies such as NSF, NIH, EPA, etc.

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Fellows are required to attend all sessions, travel to Washington D.C. and submit a proposal to desired funding agency in / near Washington, D.C. 
  • All faculty in the School of Engineering and the College are eligible.


Contact Kenya Crosson ( for the School of Engineering or Amy Adkins ( for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Early Career Fellowship

The Early Career Fellowship will be offered in 2025. Additional details coming at a later date.


The Early Career Fellowship runs every other year and alternates with our Federal Grant Seekers Fellowship.

Designed as a year-long cohort, ECF focuses on writing and submitting early career grant proposals, with an emphasis on the NSF Career Award.

Writing and submitting research proposals to external funding agencies is a critical part of a tenure-track career. Special opportunities for funding exist through numerous agencies, e.g., NSF, Office of Naval Research, NIH, etc. Although these grants are competitive, the process of writing and submitting an early career grant proposal can help propel faculty research and scholarship.


Please email Kenya Crosson, associate dean for faculty and staff affairs and research, at 


School of Engineering Associate Deans

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