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Innovation Center

Solving Real-Work, Client Challenges

Our external clients have real-world challenges ready for our Innovation Center students and faculty to solve — we're a transformative space!

Through our Project-based, multi-disciplinary learning, Students...
  • Focus on customer needs to move real-world projects closer to the marketplace.
  • Work with the School of Law when IP issues develop.
  • Partner with the School of Business for market/business feasibility studies.
  • Become the complete professional with the best topic of conversation at any job interview! 

Since 1996, student teams have solved over 2,000 industry challenges and have met or exceeded our client expectations over 85% of the time.

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Capstone Design Symposium - December 7-8, 2023

Student teams will present the outcomes of their semester-long senior design projects at the Capstone Design Symposium.

Engineering for Quality of Life

As their Innovation Center capstone design project, four University of Dayton engineering students designed and built a "Treadmill Centering Device" for a blind Air Force veteran to improve his quality of life. Click here to go to Fox19 video.

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BWI Group Brake Pedal Travel Simulator Project Team

For appropriate data for the calibration of brake-by-wire braking systems, the team has designed a testing apparatus.

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Isopure Corporation Acid Mixer Virtual Reality Training Project Team

The team created a virtual environment including the acid mixer and photos from an actual dialysis clinic water room, along with floating text prompts and improvements to the visual aspects of the program to create a fully interactive simulation.

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Quality of Life Plus Voice Activated Shifting Design Project Team

To provide Sgt. Brown with an easier shifting experience, the team successfully created a fully enclosed and battery powered voice activated gear shifting system.

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