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Industry Partnerships

How does my organization get involved?

Involvement from Career Fairs to Sponsored Research

»»  First Level: Employer Introduction Events

This group has minimal time or money investment, and its goal is to gain company name and product awareness with the engineering students on campus. Typically, these events are not targeted to specific open positions and résumés are not collected unless requested.

  • Lobby Introduction Events — Your company will have two tables in the lobby of Kettering Labs during lunch time and use trade show-type displays to introduce your company to our UD engineering students. Timing for this is 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., including set up. At this time, a majority of engineering student will pass through the lobby.
  • Information Sessions — This event can have a specific job associated with it or can be held as a single event for the purpose of providing UD engineering students with information about your company and career opportunities available. The attendance can be selected by engineering discipline or by specific job required skills. Information sessions are typically held in the evening for one to two hours with pizza or snacks provided to the students. Résumés may be collected or may be requested prior to scheduled interviews for information and to save interview time.
  • Professional Development Seminar Speakers — Our engineering disciplines have professional development seminars associated with their curriculum where speakers from industry or research speak to students with regard to their work and any specific skills required for success in their field. Each seminar is 50 minutes during the work day and we can provide a presentation outline if needed.
  • Professional Society Student Section Involvement — National professional engineering societies (IEEE, ASME, AIChE, ASCE, etc.) have active student chapters on campus, which are in need of industrial speakers and sponsors. These events range from speaker dinners to facility tours and monthly meetings. This can be a great way to observe students in leadership roles, and many events take place after work hours.

»»  Second Level: Job Specific Student Access Events

This group includes university wide career fairs, co-op interviews on campus and individual scheduled interviews on campus for the purpose of filling open positions with qualified and exceptional engineering talent.

  • Career Fair — We have two scheduled career fairs every year: fall and spring. These are open to the university population (including alumni) for full time, intern and co-op positions. Last fall, we enjoyed the attendance of students from all academic disciplines and employers representing a wide range of industries and regions. The cost of this event is approximately $500 and includes your company booth, power and access to UD students for 4+ hours.
  • On Campus Co-op Interviews — This event takes place in the fall and spring and provides your company with pre-scheduled 30-minute interviews with eligible engineering co-op students over a two-day period with up to 13 students each day and no charge to your company.

»»  Third Level: World-Class Institutes and Centers

In addition to some of the more traditional employer outreach programs, UD also offers your company the opportunity to work with world class institutes and centers as a way to engage your teams to new and innovative thinking, while evaluating the engineering talent working with your teams. 

»»  Fourth Level: Sponsor Projects through Engineering Coursework

With our intentional and directed focus on creating engineers with practical experience, our School of Engineering welcomes our industrial partners to engage in project-based learning by mentoring, creating, developing and learning from student projects. 


School of Engineering, David Ashley, Director of Industry Relations

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