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Solid-State Batteries and Integrated Systems

 Thick Film Coating Work Underway at UDRI

Crafting the future of battery systems

UDRI conducts both fundamental and applied research in battery and battery system technologies. Our groundbreaking work includes thin film coating; processing (small to large format); custom li-ion design, fabrication and testing; and independent evaluation of batteries and battery system technologies for application in wearables, drones, electronics, vehicles, space equipment, and much more.

Our customers include federal and state governmental agencies as well as private industrial firms in the automotive, computing, and battery power sectors. Contact us and see how we can help power your way forward.


  • Battery fabrication/manufacturing, cycling, and fire testing
  • Battery and capacitor integration and controls and electrical and thermal characterizations of integrated energy storage to produce battery systems
  • Conformal Li-ion Batteries (Technology Readiness Level [TRL] 1-3)
  • Custom Batteries & Management Systems (BMS) (TRL 4-6)
  • Electrical and thermal characterizations and wet (sol-gel) and solid-state synthesis to produce solid electrolytes and electrodes
  • High Safety Li-ion Batteries using SCEC, SCE, and HEA (TRL 5-6)
  • Independent Battery Performance Evaluation
  • Next Gen Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (TRL 3-4)
  • Physical vapor deposition and thin- / thick-film coaters to produce battery components and packaging
  • SCE Coated Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Cathodes (SCEC) (TRL 1-5)
  • Solid-State Primary Batteries (TRL 1-4)
  • Solid-State Ceramic Electrolytes (SCE) (TRL 1-5)
  • Structural Li-ion Batteries (TRL 1-3)
  • Supercapacitors, Li-ion Capacitors (TRL 1-4)
  • Synthesis and battery / capacitor applications and water filtration research to produce structure/property tunable porous carbon
  • Thin-Film Li-ion Battery (TRL 1-2)
  • Tunable Carbon Structures for High Energy Anodes (HEA) (TRL 1-5)

Top: Thick Film Coating work underway in UDRI's Electrochemical Energy Systems Laboratory.


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