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Merlin Flight Simulator Lab

See Your Design Come to Life

The Merlin Flight Simulator Lab comprises the flagship 521 engineering flight simulator and instructor station, a UAV desktop station enabling flight in the same airspace as the 521, and an air traffic control station.

Merlin Flight Simulator Lab

  • Provides a rich, hands-on, fun learning environment in aerospace
  • Demonstrates how airplanes move in three-dimensional space
  • Initiates aero students into the world of airplanes and flying in an inspirational and transformational manner
  • Demonstrates basic aerodynamic, propulsion, flight dynamic, structural and design principles through hands-on interaction
  • Provides study/experience on the complexities of aircraft flight dynamics and controls
  • Explores fundamental air vehicle design parameters through immediate physical feedback
  • Closes the loop on the air vehicle conceptual sizing process by trying to fly the plane you've designed

Merlin Flight Simulator Lab, Dr. Sidaard Gunasekaran, Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469