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Engineering Education Abroad

Discover the World of Engineering

Learn how engineering creates a global impact through our engineering specific education abroad opportunities. Each program also focuses on a topic within engineering — from sustainability to architecture and civil engineering.

Choose from week-long or month-long options — all led by engineering faculty. Our programs typically run during spring break and the beginning of the summer semester.

Programs are open to all engineering students, but may be limited to academic class.

Fast Facts

Spring Break & Summer Options

Choose from options over spring break or at the beginning of the summer semester.

Faculty Led Programs

Our engineering education abroad programs are led by our engineering faculty.

Current Programs
Spring Break in Costa Rica - EGR 103

First-year engineering majors taking EGR 103 this spring will travel to Costa Rica to learn more about sustainability.

  • Learn from Costa Rica, a country that is moving toward “carbon neutrality” faster than any other country in the world.
  • Visit projects such as the Celsia wind turbine, Los Negro hydroelectric plan, the Miravalles geothermal power plant.
  • Enjoy cultural and recreational activities such as hiking Arenal Volcano and Cloud Forest and enjoying hot springs and Manuel Antonio.
  • Learn to apply your experiences from EGR 103 to onsite field study in Costa Rica.
Summer in Germany

Travel to Germany from May 22-June 22 to learn more about sustainability.

  • Discover the cultural tapestry of Freiburg, Germany, where ancient traditions harmonize with a dynamic, youthful energy. Studying abroad in Freiburg offers engineering students not only a world-class education but also a chance to delve into a community known for its eco-conscious mindset, vibrant festivals, and a welcoming atmosphere that fosters cultural exchange. Engage in the city's diverse cultural offerings, from historic festivals to modern art scenes, as you seamlessly integrate into Freiburg's warm and inclusive way of life.
  • Engage in experiential learning with your professors and classmates as you explore cultural and industrial sites that examine Germany's historical, sustainable and cultural developments over past centuries.   
  • Enrich your cultural and historical understanding of Germany while interacting with German citizens.
  • Identify distinctly German ideas and contributions that have impacted our present and situate these in their historical, industrial, sustainable and cultural contexts.
Past Programs
Summer 2023 in Florence, Italy

A group of engineering students spent part of their summer in Florence, Italy exploring elements that contribute to Italy’s public spaces and how they use urban analysis and design. Students also studied the art and history of Florence and other Italian cities to further reveal new perspectives on these elements and the use of space itself.

At the end of their time, we applied what they learned and created a possible future design for UD’s own Kennedy Union Mall.

They also toured the area, learned how to make pasta and ate plenty of pizza!