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Engineering Research

Flyers go to Incredible Heights


As the No. 1 Catholic university in the nation for sponsored engineering research and development, we are dedicated to the common good. Our quest? To turn discovery into application — and engineer solutions to the most vital problems abroad and at home.

Whether we’re creating a computer chip that can think for itselfsafeguarding pipelines or powering the Mars 2020 Rover, we work in the space between inspiration and impact — and bring great ideas to life.

This innovative spirit has led to double digit growth in research volume for the past four years, with $150 million in sponsored research last year— and $1 billion in sponsored research contracts currently underway.

In addition, we’re:

  • No. 1 nationally for federally sponsored materials R&D
  • No. 1 Catholic university for sponsored engineering R&D
  • No. 1 in Ohio for sponsored materials R&D
  • No. 2 in Ohio for sponsored physical S/TEM R&D
  • No. 3 Catholic university for sponsored R&D in all categories
Women in Clean Energy Conference

The Women in Clean Energy Conference provides students and recent graduates from all fields the resources they need to begin a meaningful career in clean energy and sustainability. We want to empower women and allies to make a difference in the male-dominated energy industry and educate men on the challenges often faced by women in the industry. We believe that by providing education, networking, and recruitment opportunities, we can close the gender gap in the energy industry in an empowering and productive way. 

The conference is open to all students.

Research Programs
Federal Grant Seekers and Early Career Fellowships

The federal grant seekers program runs every other year, alternating with our Early Career Fellowship program. The programs are designed to provide faculty with an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded colleagues.

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STEM Catalyst Initiative
Created to invest in and support faculty and student STEM research at the University of Dayton. This past summer, the program funded eight different faculty and student research projects that addressed societal and public health issues.
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Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
The University of Dayton’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (S.U.R.E.) is an opportunity for undergraduate engineering and engineering technology majors to spend 10 weeks working on a faculty-led research project.
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UDRI Research Fellowship Program
The UD-UDRI Summer Research Fellowship program matches School of Engineering faculty with University of Dayton Research Institute researchers with the goal of expanding areas of research that are fundable by outside parties.
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School of Engineering

Kettering Laboratories, Room 565
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0254

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