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Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology

Opportunities and Activities

We recognize our students' talents and provide opportunities and activities for advanced learning and experiences — and fun.  We work closely with alumni and private business leaders and supply opportunities to continue the cycle of education and service in the engineering community.


Bachelor's Plus Master's Program (BPM)
The BPM program makes it easy to earn an M.S. degree by linking your University of Dayton undergraduate and graduate programs.  Interested University undergraduate students must have a 3.0 grade point average and apply for the BPM program during their undergraduate program. They should also apply directly to the graduate program of their choice.  If accepted, students can apply up to two courses taken at the graduate level during their undergraduate years to both their undergraduate and graduate programs. This reduces the number of required classes for an M.S. degree from 10 to 8. In addition, the cost of tuition for BPM students is about 2/3 the normal cost of tuition during their first 12 months of their M.S. program.

Career Services
UD Career Services provides excellent career-related resources, programs, services and opportunities that build confidence and job-search skills. Talk with our School of Engineering Career Services' representative.

Engineering Co-op & Internship Office
Take your engineering experience to the next level and find your passion with co-op and internship opportunities. All engagements are paid positions and provide invaluable engineering work experience integrated into the student's academic plan. In one academic year, over 450 undergraduates accepted engineering placements that resulted in $6.2M paid directly to the undergrads.

CORE Program
The Core Program offers an innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum consisting of a sequence of courses that fulfills many University general education requirements. The courses address a common theme, "Human Values in a Pluralistic Culture" and are coordinated, so students experience the integrated character of liberal arts.

Education Abroad
Expand your horizons — study abroad for a summer, a semester or during a year-long program. Experience international service or international academics — designed for engineers.

The Ethos Center
In The Ethos Center service program, students help integrate technology with global cultures and communities. The emphasis is placed on ideas and implementation of appropriate technology, sustainable development and service-learning through technical immersion, integrated classroom work, collaborative research and on-campus activities.

Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam
The FE Exam is typically the first step to obtaining a Professional Engineer (P.E.) license.

Handshake: Student Employment
The search for a job just got easier! Handshake is a free online service that simplifies the job search process for on-campus employment, internships, co-op positions and full-time work after graduation. You can research companies, search for openings, read job descriptions, submit your résumé, schedule interviews, and register for career events.  

Honors Program
The University Honors Program offers rigorous and expansive educational experiences for our academically accomplished students and provides unique learning opportunities beyond the normal college experience, enriched courses taught by top professors and an inspiring, collaborative camaraderie with fellow students.

Integrated Learning Living Communities
Want to have fun, make friends and earn higher grades? Then join an integrated learning-living community (ILLC).

Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program
Reach your full potential through this integrated program that creates an optimum learning environment and supports minority engineering students financially, fundamentally, practically and intellectually.

Pre Med prep (PDF)

Women Engineering Program
Share and explore technical interests with other women engineering students and build personal and professional relationships that will last a lifetime.


Engineering Management, Systems and Technology, Susan Scachitti, Department Chair

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