Apply science and engineering to solve technological problems.

Engineering technology prepares you for a productive career in design, development and implementation of technical systems in manufacturing, as well as business and service enterprises. Our acclaimed program of specialized technical courses emphasizes rational thinking and uses engineering and scientific principles to solve technological problems.

Academic programs

At the University of Dayton, the programs of engineering technology are taught by experts in the areas of computer engineering, electronic engineering, global manufacturing systems engineering, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering.

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Partnerships & cooperative education

In partnership with industry, our cooperative education option offers students alternate semesters of coursework and field work, paid internships, or summer positions.

You have 24/7 access to our wealth of laboratories, and we encourage you to use them not only for coursework but also for your own projects and experiments. Our impressively equipped laboratories make the studies of electronics, computer systems, fluid power, manufacturing process, dimensional metrology, work measurement, project design and fabrication, computer-aided analysis and design, solid modeling, and metallurgy come to life.

In partnership with Sinclair Community College and Edison State Community College, we offer students an opportunity to fully transfer their associate degrees to the University of Dayton and apply their credits toward a bachelor of science degree in engineering technology. Also, in partnership with Edison State, we offer distance-learning classes, allowing you to attend classes in Piqua, Ohio, learn from University faculty, and collaborate with University students long distance.


Graduates of the engineering technology programs find positions in facilities management, maintenance management, manufacturing supervision, plant engineering, product design and development, purchasing, quality management, technical sales, technical services, and many other areas.

About a third of our graduates continue their education and pursue degrees such as Master of Industrial Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in engineering management or management science, graduate work in technical fields including computer science, electronics and manufacturing, and law school with careers in environmental law, patent law or general practice.


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