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Innovation Center

Students create unique designs to solve our client's unique concerns.

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What Our Clients Say

GE Aviation, Tom Flege, Engineer

"The student team . . . worked well with the GE Team to come up with a very functional design."

Hobart Corporation, Brian Brunswick, Product Development Manager

". . . provides an outside perspective for both current design opportunities and new technology. Student projects at the University of Dayton have been implemented into the warewash product line, and designs have been patented with both Hobart engineering and student contributions."

Cornerstone Research Group, Patrick Hood, President 

"Our way of thinking moves from technology to business. The business elements that convert ideas and technology into something real are creation, production and distribution."

Silver Solutions, Ben Burke, Owner 

"We asked the team to research the possibility, then develop a method. The team discovered both the possibility and method. This project made our company a serious contender in the metal recycling and recovery market."

Design Engineering Division of ASME

"The University of Dayton has one of the best design programs that implements a broad range of business and industry sponsored projects."

Global Gauge Corporation, Tim McCormick, President

"We hire engineers who understand the business aspect for solving customer problems. It's a balance that relates to non-engineering courses including economics, accounting, and finance. I have eight engineers in my company, and they understand the business aspect and cost estimating."

Brendan O'Grady, University of Dayton Alumnus

"The team was great . . . very prepared to do the necessary engineering. They communicated and presented their findings well. Their results will help me to develop a product with significant impact."

Dr. Margaret Pinnell, Professor, University of Dayton, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

"Students developed a highly creative and innovative design and met a significant number of unusual design constraints that included concerns for horse, rider/patient and handlers."

Client Surveys Validate Our Success

Below are results of five years of client surveys. In more than 85 percent of our projects, our client's goals have been attained or exceeded. The Innovation Center's projects continue to significantly increase.


  • Significant = 76%
  • Moderate = 23%
  • Low = 1%


  • Exceeded = 24%
  • Attained = 61.5%
  • Nearly Met = 13%
  • Failed = 1.5%

Innovation Center, Rebecca Blust, Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0211