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Innovation Center

Project Management and Leadership Skills

The product realization process

During your first year, you'll learn about the product realization process for a skill-base that will benefit you throughout your educational experience.  

  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Business acumen
  • Customer awareness
Capstone design course

During your senior year "capstone design course," you'll apply your cumulative knowledge to solve a real-world issue for a client.

  • Develop designs and prototypes
  • Answer today's complex questions 
The first-year experience

EGR 103, Introduction to Innovation and Design — emphasizes social responsibility, environmental issues and product-realization.

Upper-level design

EGR 433 — part of design sequence that emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn about project management, time value of money, cost estimating, business plans and intellectual property. School of Law faculty and practicing patent attorneys share information on intellectual property, litigation and the development of provisional and full patents.

MEE 431L/ECE 431L, Multidisciplinary Design Lab — required for electrical, computer and mechanical engineering majors. One-credit hour that emphasizes conceptual design and requires extensive research, brainstorming, ideation, decision analysis, and a final embodiment design. By developing conceptual design, student teams are better prepared for MEE 432L/ECE 432L, which involves design, build, test and a business plan.

MEE/ECE 432 — three-credit hours that is the focal point of the Innovation Center.

IET 323, Project Management — required for all disciplines within Engineering Technology. Defines critical characteristics of effective project management: meeting effectiveness, project proposal development, project planning, work breakdown structure, decision-making techniques, styles of management, communications, teaming skills, strategies and valuable oral and written presentation skills.

ET 490, Capstone Design Project — involves all engineering technology programs as well as departments outside of the School of Engineering, including management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

ECE/EGR/MEE 499, Innovative Design and Entrepreneurship — interdisciplinary teams design and develop a component or a system such as an educational tool or a new toy, a medical device, or an assistive device for physically challenged individuals. One objective is to design a device that can be built using rapid prototyping. An objective is for teams from this class to enter the University of Dayton Business Plan Competition.


Innovation Center, Rebecca Blust, Director

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