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Research November 18, 2019
Student engages with hands-on learning in genetic testing

Katie Parker has spent most of her four years at the University of Dayton searching for a chemical to minimize the effects of brain cancer.

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Faculty November 12, 2019
College Faculty in the News: November 12, 2019

Joseph Valenzano III, Department of Communication, discusses pros and cons for both retailers and consumers as holiday advertising, shopping and special activities start earlier and earlier each year. Follow this and other recent media coverage of the service, research, scholarship and commentary of College of Arts and Sciences programs and their faculty.

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Faculty November 04, 2019
Literary critic explores place and belonging in Pakistan

Religious nationalism is the dominant discourse in Pakistan, which was created as a nation-state for the Muslims of British India in 1947. But when a nation’s boundaries are created by a former colonizer, how does that impact people’s sense of belonging, asks University of Dayton literary critic Shazia Rahman.

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Faculty October 29, 2019
New chair champions global languages and cultures

University of Dayton Germanist Carola Daffner is willing to go to heroic lengths to engage students in global languages and cultures. During a “Comic Con” event at her previous institution, she dressed as Thor and performed two stories from Norse mythology about the hammer-wielding god of thunder and modern-day Avengers star.

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Campus and Community October 28, 2019
Dayton Civic Scholars revitalize local park

University of Dayton students who helped revitalize a local park as part of their capstone project received a grant from the American Legion of Ohio for future work on that park.

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Faculty October 25, 2019
College Faculty in the News: October 25, 2019

Professor Janet Bednarek, Department of History, discusses how one midwestern airport is looking toward the future of the U.S. air travel experience. Follow this and other recent media coverage of the service, research, scholarship and commentary of College of Arts and Sciences programs and their faculty.

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Experiential Learning October 22, 2019
NASA needs more than just rocket scientists

NASA needs rocket scientists, astronauts — and graphic designers to reach the stars.

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Faculty October 21, 2019
UD physicist develops model that predicts Arctic ice melt
A new study co-published by a University of Dayton physicist offers a model to better predict the effects of climate change on Arctic sea ice. Their discovery, which is gaining attention from popular science and technology publications such as Scientific American, Physics World and WIRED, could improve climate models for predicting ice loss in the Arctic.
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Campus and Community October 18, 2019
Fitz Center for Leadership in Community
As a Marianist and Catholic university, we are called to more than service. We are called to learning. We are called to leadership. We are called to justice. We are called to build community.
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Fine and Performing Arts October 15, 2019
First-Year Arts Immersion links humanities courses to Dayton Philharmonic concert

The First-Year Arts Immersion is a distinctive part of the University of Dayton experience, linking humanities coursework to an off-campus ballet, opera or symphonic concert in partnership with the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance.

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