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Visioneering Center

Why I Almost Quit Engineering

Ken Bloemer, Ph.D., Director of Visioneering Center at the University of Dayton, explains what stopped him from quitting engineering and how educators can use this experience to prevent their students from switching majors or dropping out.

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The UIF Dayton Team Moves Forward

Four University of Dayton 2018 University Innovation Fellows (UIF), were among the 258 students from 64 schools in nine countries who recently attended their first UIF meetup in Silicon Valley.

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KEEN to Change Engineering Education

80 leaders from KEEN Partner Institutions were welcomed to the University of Dayton campus by our Engineering Ambassadors for a three-day meeting to discuss advancement of engineering education for our future engineers. 

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Elevating Sustainability

"Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with value creation," said Dr. Jun-Ki Choi, mechanical engineering assistant professor in KEEN'zine.

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Millennials Meet 10X Moonshots!

UD UIF participant, Daniela Lopez, says, "Google encouraged us to think big and try to 'shoot for the moon' in whatever we pursue."

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Creating Value

Those with an aptitude for engineering enter the field for a variety of reasons. Dr. Kim Bigelow, assistant professor, mechanical engineering at the University of Dayton, was motivated by a desire to help others. 

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Envisioning Engineering Success

The Visioneering Center will focus on developing new active, collaborative and project-based learning strategies for students and will enhance student learning with technology.

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Engineering Change

A national entrepreneurship network and a foundation grant of $1.2 million will initiate the largest faculty and curriculum development program in the history of the University of Dayton School of Engineering.

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Best in Class

The University of Dayton School of Engineering and its Innovation Center are "best in class" in graduating engineers equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset according to a national network and foundation.

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Visioneering Center, Dr. Ken Bloemer, Director

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